Dancers, Video-Artists, K-POP fans! We are inviting you to APPLY for the ATOM Choreographic Series#2 project!

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

When: June, 27th – July, 7th 2018

Early Bird registration: June 10


ATOM THEATER, Lii Lii Jungin Lee and Seoul International Choreography Festival (SCF) presents:

ATOM Choreographic Series #2 – SOFIA (BUL)

Intensive 10-day dance training with choreographers and mentors from South Korea, Japan, Greece and Bulgaria.





From June 27th to July 7th, 2018 in the halls of Dance Station and Generator in Sofia, Bulgaria a team of Bulgarian and international choreographers will touch our bodies to CONTEMPORARY DANCE and to the hit K-POP dance!

*All workshops will be held in English

The VIDEO DANCE CHALLENGE is part of the additional program of the event and will take place in parallel with the dance classes in order to show the dance and the city through the eyes of the video artists.

CLOSING DANCING PERFORMANCE – On July 7, 2018 – All the trainings in Series # 2 will finish properly with DANCE PERFORMANCE, on which choreographers and participants will present the result of their work during the training.

Lee, Jung In (South Korea)
Baek, JuMi (South Korea)
Stefaniya Georgieva (Bulgaria)
Drosia Triantaki (Greece)
Maiko Hasegawa and Mamoru Sakata (Japan)
Iosif Astrukov and Petya Stoykova (Bulgaria)


Contemporary dance classes ~

27.06 – 28.06.2018 – 5 open classes with all choreographers
29.06 – 06.07.2018 – Intensive group work. Each participant will be distributed to up to two choreographers, the selection will be performed by the choreographic team
7.07.2018 – Showcase of the work of Series # 2 in front of the audience

K-POP Classes with SHINNA ~

2.07 – 6.07 2018 – Two Classes per day /


30.06 – 7.07.2018 – workshops, lectures, discussions, shooting, editing, presenting /

To apply for participation in ATOM Choreographic Series # 2, please complete the registration form here: Each applicant will receive a response from us within 7 days.

Two participants will win the scholarship* for the entire Series # 2. They will be selected based on their motivation for inclusion and quality of movement. (Priority will be given to participants based outside Sofia)

* The scholarship covers the participation fee only.

Costs for participants:

Open classes with all choreographers only between 27.06 – 28.06.2018
1 class – 13 euro / 3 classes – 31 euro / 5 classes – 47 euro

The whole period of ATOM Choreographic Series #2
 (27.06 – 7.7.2018)
Early Bird – 150 euro (until June 10th)
Angry Bird – 200 euro (after June 10th)/ until the passes are sold)

K-POP Classes ~

Videodance ~ FREE to join

Contact details:
+359 (0)895 755 671

*The project is funded by the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality, Art Council Korea, The Saison Foundation, and America for Bulgaria Foundation, and is implemented in partnership with Seoul International Choreography Festival, Dance Station, Generator, BTV Radio,