Creative Workshop for young choreographers and composers with Sofia Mavragani & Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris.

Where: Megaron, The Athens Concert Hall, Greece

When: January – March 2019

Deadline for applications: 5 November 2018

Seven emerging choreographers and seven new musicians-composers collaborate with Sofia Mavragani and Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris for a period of eight weeks within the framework of an intensive workshop, presenting their original pieces of work at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron).

After its successful first cycle, BREAKING ART, the original instructional program which brings together new choreographers and musicians-composers returns to the Athens Concert Hall for a free participation second year. In an intensive eight-week workshop, emerging creators, guided by choreographer Sofia Mavragani, and musician-composer and new media researcher, Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris, open up an intra-artistic dialogue culminating in the presentation of seven original works at the Athens Concert Hall.

The workshop, by bringing together artists who are active in heterogeneous expressive fields, is in quest of a new, common ground between the choreographic and musical creation, providing its participants with the technical tools, as well as the experience of a creative osmosis.

The workshop’s objective is to offer artistic support to emerging artists, to instigate the detection of new aesthetic codes and to bring together the creators of the new generation.

The idea of the programme is attributed to choreographer Sofia Mavragani and is materialised for the second time produced by Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall, during the artistic period 2018-2019.

Sofia Mavragani (Choreographer)
Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris (Musician-Composer, Sound Artist)

About the procedure

The duration of the workshop is 8 weeks. It commences on 15 January 2019, with an intensive, six-day programme (5 hrs. /day), in which participants will be introduced into processes of developing and practically applying their initial idea-concept. At the same time, they will be testing creative tools of original movement and music material, the means to research and process the material, as well as compositional strategies. Particular emphasis will be given on the relation between method and creative result.
At the end of the first week, the collaborations between the choreographers and the musicians-composers will be established, and based on the specific artistic needs of each work, the other collaborators of the artistic pairs will also be determined (dancers, musicians, artistic contributors)
During the following seven-week period of rehearsals, the participants will work on the configuration of their works, developing their tools and defining their artistic identity. The process will be assisted both by the tutors who will be attending the rehearsals and offering their feedback on a one-to-one basis and by group meetings for all participants, resulting in original, small-scale works lasting from 5 to 15 minutes.
The process will culminate in the presentation of the new works to the public on 9 March 2019, at the Athens Concert Hall.
The workshop’s parallel goals are the development of the personal idiom of expression of the participants through cooperation and exchange, the diversity of approaches concerning composition, the creation of contemporary performances, as well as experimentation. Participants are encouraged to elaborate on their creative and interpretive tools and to undertake the artistic responsibility both for their own creative domain and for the quality and functionality of their work as a whole.

Who is the workshop addressed to?
The workshop is addressed to young people who are at the starting point of their artistic practice and are interested in producing a work through research and experimental procedures, in which the pivotal points are the originality of movement and music material as well as the development of alternative strategies of composition and collaboration patterns.

A brief schedule
5 November 2018: Application submission deadline
30 November 2018: Announcement of participants
15-20 January 2019: Intensive introductory programme
21 January – 6 March 2019: Rehearsals period
6 & 7 March 2019: Technical & general rehearsals
8 March 2019: Performances
*The rehearsal schedule will depend on the participants’ needs and the availability of space

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Sofia Mavragani has studied Choreography/Dance Making in the ArtEZ-University of Arts, Arnhem, NL and Business Administration/Marketing in the Athens School of Economics. As a choreographer and tutor, she has presented her works in Greece and abroad, in theaters, festivals and events such as: documenta14, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Megaron: The Athens Concert Hall, Kalamata International Dance Festival, Karolos Koun Art Theatre, State Theatre of Northern Greece, Dimitria Festival (Thessaloniki), MIRfestival (Athens), Dance Days International Festival (Chania), Park your ID festival (Maastricht), Τeatro Belisario (Buenos Aires), Teatro Lagrade (Madrid), etc. Her instructional activity is characterized by the creation of original and artistic programs such as “playforPLACE” which has been held in 17 cities in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Oceania, the research project of improvisation imPROject and BREAKING ART which will be presented for the second consecutive year at the Athens Concert Hall. She is a founding member of Fingersix/Athens. Find out more:

Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris is a composer, performer and sound artist. His practice comprises music compositions, audiovisual installations, interactive works, as well as music for dance and theatre.
He studied Double Bass and Electronic Music and Composition in the Netherlands. He completed post-graduate studies in France, Spain and United Kingdom, in the fields of pedagogy, Fine Arts, and art and technology.
Since 2011 he is working as Lecturer of Sound Technology in universities in the UK (Falmouth, Brighton, Sussex). Since 2014 he is also working as researcher at the CROMT at the University of Sussex (Department of Media, Film and Music).
In 2012, for his contribution in research in the field of art and technology, he was awarded the fellowship of the Higher Education Academy of Britain. Find out more:

How to apply

Participation instructions
Participation in BREAKING ART II is free of charge. Participants will be selected through an open-call process, with the minimum requirement of committing to be present throughout the eight-week period. Those who wish to participate must fill the application form at the website of the Athens Concert Hall and submit it before 5 November 2018 at with the following subject: “Participation Request for Breaking Art II» / Name / Choreographer or Composer”. Selected participants will be notified by 30 November 2018.

For further information, please visit

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