The 1st International Festival of Light and Street is held in Makarska from November 9th to November 11th 2017, at various public locations of small coastal town, 60km south from Split in Croatia. We invite all experimental and avantgarde artists, activists and collectives, that research on light and street, to apply for participation at the new performing festival devised by Makarska Avantgarde Collective.

Where: Makarska, Croatia

When: November 9 – 11, 2018

Deadline for applications: October 21

The initiative has a developmental, educational and non-profitable character. In addition to the festival repertoire, the program brings a series of art and craft workshops, presentations, open tables and public discussions held by international artists and activists.

Avantgarde, off and low budget experiments with light, video, mapping, instrumental and electronic music, circus, dance, alternative theater, street theater and performance; innovative approaches and original performing actions; expressed personal and political self-awareness; humanism of ideas and methods – are going to be presented at the Avantgarde Festival of Light and Street in Makarska. Festival discovers connections between disparate art practices in order to articulate new unique forms of avantgarde expression. Avantgarde is believed to represent the highest form of artistic freedom, hence it was taken as the interpretational frame of the initiative that wants to create an open and free platform for alternative art and culture.

With a mission of protection and promotion of human, animal and planet rights Avantgarde Festival singles out a festival theme, by which it turns the attention towards political activism and social engagement that contribute to the general welfare in the building of free and open society. The theme of the 1st edition is Veganism in Community.

We hereby invite all experimental and avant-garde artists, activists and collectives that research on the performing potential of communities and wish to contribute to the goals of Makarska Avantgarde, to apply their non-profit, off and low-budget, artistic and educational projects for participation at the 1st International Avantgarde Festival of Light and Street in Makarska, from November 9th to November 11th 2018.

Festival provides technical assistance, accommodation and vegan food, and covers part of the travel costs. Admission to the entire festival is free. The call is open until 21st of October 2018.

The Avantgarde Festival of Light and Street was established in 2018, with a mission of bringing content in the void of alternative culture life; of connecting local and foreign artists; of promotion of avantgarde and experimental art, and ethical and ecological life principles. Makarska Avantgarde is a non-profit, non-governmental performing program organized by art organization for performing identity Freaquency. The program is supported by the City of Makarska and Split-Dalmatia County.

How to apply
Please send us your application – with a motivation letter, project description, technical rider, travel costs and artistic CV – to, with the subject ‘For Avantgarde Festival’.

The participants will have to cover their own travel expenses.

For further information, please visit

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