Iwanson International is looking for dancers to join the academy program from September 2019-22.

Where: Munich/Livorno/Stockholm/Athens/Rome/Faro/Barcelona/Amsterdam/Brussels/Paris

When: Auditions are held between February the 18th and May the 11th

Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich, Germany is internationally one of the most recognised academies for contemporary dance in Europe. The program focuses on different styles of contemporary dance and classical ballet as well as creative abilities. From the second year, contemporary classes are held by internationally well known teachers and choreographers. To develop stage experience and choreographic skills, students regularly perform their own choreography on stage as well as the work of established choreographers. The school’s general philosophy is to develop artistically strong, creative and individual dancers, pedagogues and choreographers with high technical quality. Iwanson auditions are held like a workshop with classes in contemporary dance, floor work and classical ballet. We work intensively with the choreographic material and correct the students.

How to apply
Go to our homepage www.iwanson.de to find the audition closest to you. Application forms can be filled out directly on our homepage under :
If the dates or spaces aren’t possible for you to reach, contact us via E-mail at schule@iwanson.de for video auditions.

Costs for participants: 20-35 €

Contact details Email: schule@iwanson.de
Phone: +49 089 7606085
Instagram: iwanson_international

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