Short dance pieces wanted.

Das Tanzfest Zentralschweiz 2022 is looking for professional dance companies/choreographers’ short pieces. The choreographer or the company should be based in one of the Central Switzerland regions: Lucerne, Zug, Schwyz, Uri, Obwalden and Nidwalden or have a strong connection to Central Switzerland.

Where: Switzerland

When: 12 – 15.05.2022

Deadline for applications: 23.01.2022

“Das Tanzfest Zentralschweiz 2022” is part of RESO (Tanznetz-werk Schweiz: National Dance Festival, which is celebrated in over 30 Swiss cities. From 12 to 15 May 2022, audiences can see the wide range of dance in Central Switzerland, at vari-ous venues in Lucerne, Zug, Schwyz and Uri through performances and events.

Das Tanzfest Zentralschweiz 2022 is looking for short dance pieces of 10 – 30 minutes that appeal to a broad audience and can be shown in three different formats:

In the public urban spaces of Lucerne, Zug, Uri and Schwyz, on the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th May 2022, different short dance pieces will be strung together in domino style to form an overall performance. Work in onward movement will be prioritised. A simple technical rider is required.
Maximum length: 20 minutes.

On May 12th in Lucerne and on May 13th in Zug, short dance pieces will be shown on a lo-cal stage. Short dance pieces for adults as well as for families with children are sought. Simple technical set-up is required, as several works will be shown in one evening. Set-up on the performance’s day.
Maximum length: 30 minutes.

Between May 12th and 15th, short dance pieces will be shown during the day in Lucerne and Zug in site specific areas such as museums, parks, subways, libraries, etc. The works can be shown several times a day. An extremely simple technical rider is required, no dance floor.
Maximum length: 10 minutes.

We offer:
– Fees according to t.Schweiz guidelines
– Travel expenses within Central Switzerland
– Technical support on site
– Organisational support by the IG Tanz Zentralschweiz

How to apply / register: The following documents must be submitted via the online form*:

• Specification of the format(s) for which the application has been submitted. Applications for several short dance pieces and formats are possible. However, a separate application must be made for each short dance piece.
• Short description of the piece (max. 500 characters) incl. premiere location and date.
• Video link of the production (vimeo or youtube) in full length. No trailers!
• Short description of the company and Bio of artists involved.
• Technical rider (stage and lighting plan, technical notes)
• 1 colour photo incl. photo credits, title and choreographer of the production (resolution 300dpi)

*Link to apply:

The application form is in German, works can be submitted in English.
Attention! The form cannot be saved temporarily. We advise you to have all the information ready

Contact details: IG Tanz Zentralschweiz

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