BECOMING dreams of alternate paths in the journey of perpetual becoming leading to substantial transformation through the embodiment of monstrous feminine narratives in Caribbean cross-cultural imaginations. Cosmic mirrors, conjoined attires, shifting braided manes, and choreographic compositions disassemble and reassemble, disassemble and reassemble, disassemble and reassemble these chimeric cyborgs as they navigate different scales of paradoxical transformation. These blasphemous sacred beings become an intimate frame of contradictions and affinities—from fear, terror, and uncertainty, to power, beauty, and vulnerability—and back.

TL;DR: This piece takes the form of a performance film that navigates significant transformation by embodying monstrous feminine narratives in Caribbean cross-cultural imaginations through choreography, design, and film.

Where: Los Angeles, CA, US

When: Late March – Mid April 2024

Deadline for applications: March 8, 2024

Dance student participation in postgraduate thesis performance film at SCI-Arc’s Fiction and Entertainment program, exploring dynamics between body and design.

Time for rehearsals, costume fittings, and shooting will range from 10-15 hours total.

Contribution for your involvement in project: $50

How to apply:
To apply, please prepare a 1-minute video interpretation of: monstrous feminine transformation– at once fearsome and vulnerable. Please fill out the following form, which includes general contact details and a space to copy the URL of your video:

Contact details:
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