Open Call Craft Choreography 11 and 12 Editions
We are an independent platform for showcasing performance and video dance works in Vienna.

Where: Brick 5 / Erbsenfabrik Vienna, Austria

When: 8.10.2020 and 12.11.2020

Deadline for applications: 30.9 and 15.10

This is the 11th and 12th editions of the contemporary dance sharing series in Vienna. One more time, the cultural venue of Brick 5 / Erbsenfabrik opens its doors for the dance community and offers a dedicated space for showing works, exchange of ideas, experiment and socializing, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The next 2 evenings will happen on 8.10.2020 and 12.11.2020!

Before Corona, we were visited by truly incredible artists from a dozen of countries. They loved our platform and our audience. Then, we had Craft Choreography Online, a streaming event. Now from September, we begin with the transition period – the crossover event. There will be live performances and dance films for the live audience in Vienna and also broadcasted online. We understand that the situation is not yet fully normal and it might be difficult for some to participate live so we leave those options available.

Do you have a ready piece that you would like to show? Or are you maybe working on something new? Contemporary dance and physical performance works across all styles, aesthetics, subgenres… are warmly welcome (including urban dance and contemporary circus formats)! We also are looking for short dance-related film submissions.

The presentations should be between 5 and 25min of length.
They have to be adapted to our spatial and technical conditions.
No further rules!

Who can apply?
Artists from Vienna, Austria and abroad are all welcome!

What is offered?
Space to present your work
Amazing time with the Viennese dance community
Photo and video materials

What is not offered?
Fees (we are not yet funded)

Technical conditions
Spacious whitebox which offers various audience configurations
Wooden floor (optionally a grey dance floor)
Great soundsystem
Basic but capable theatre lighting
A rehearsal/setup days in the space shared with other participants

To apply, send a video link of your work to
until 30.9 for the October date, until 15.10 for the November date.
Further questions? Write to

Contact details:


For further information, please visit

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