Open call – CAMP AS ONE
A curated international residency that is calling for artists and artistic collectives for a shared retreat on a sandy seaside in Southern Russia.

Where: Vityazevo, Krasnodarsky krai, Russia

When: 20.08.18 – 29.08.18

Deadline for applications: 10.06.18

CAMP AS ONE is a curated international residency that is calling for artists and artistic collectives for a shared retreat on a sandy seaside in Southern Russia. Located at a recreational compound on dunes and seas, it provides all the best for a remote networked retreat of a collective artistic body.
The very building of the residency refers to “turbaza” – a health resort where builders of Soviet utopia had to recharge by means of disciplined self-care. Lermontov, Mann, Nabokov chose such resorts as grounds for both physical and spiritual growth of their book characters. Michel Foucault claimed that genuine care of self is a collective one where all activities such as regime, diet, breathing exercises, walks, communication with peers are equally important. Soviet curortology considered such romantic orthobiosis as labor where one was obliged to care of self with help of different exotic treatments such as aero-, mud- and landschaft-therapy. Current liquid capitalist modernity according to Zigmund Bauman wants us to be alone – in order to cope with it we need to exercise collectivity. As the surveillance of post-panoptikum times relates mainly to our online self-disclosure, this collectivity must be exercised in a physical presence of each other.
With this networked retreat, we intend to foster intercultural communication, to facilitate artistic exchange and to strengthen the collective body of critical tourists in Russia and beyond. To get a free package tour that includes housing and sustenance, one needs to send a proposal for a collective action /ritual /exercise. The residential treatment program will be formed out of selected proposals. We especially encourage artists active in the dance/ performance/ visual art fields.

Keywords: networked retreat, cultural translation, working union, transformative togetherness, liquid modernity, postpanoptikum, turbaza, morally stable and politically competent, precariat union, relational recreational, evening kefir, curortology, romantic orthobiosis.

We provide accommodation and food, possibly some materials, but no travel and visa expenses, though we can assist you with help of getting a visa or/ and an invitation letter.

You will live in double/triple rooms (incl. meals) at recreation compound “Black Sea”:

We perceive it as a process-based relational residency with no expectation of producing an exhibition, but the final decision will be made together with participants of the residency.

Vityazevo, Krasnodar krai, Russia. The sanatorium is situated at a health resort that is located on sandy dunes of the Black Sea and Vityazevsky lagoon and is famous for its healing mud. The nearest transport hubs are Anapa, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don; Moscow when flying from Europe.

Eligibility criteria
The application is open until 10st of June to artists and artistic collectives without any geographical or age limit. No application fee. It is possible to get a response earlier in case you need to apply for a travel grant in your country. Groups can apply with a single proposal, but the CVs+portfolios/websites of all participants must be included. The number of participants is limited and is agreed later in the process. The final selection will be communicated by 20th of June.

Please send us the following documents in pdf format in English/ Russian to

– Brief motivation letter
– Proposal for a collective action/ ritual/ exercise
– CV/ Portfolio/ webpage

Free for participants.

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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