Filmmakers, dance artists, animators, visual artists and digital art makers are invited to submit their works for the competition section of Bucharest International Dance Film Festival 2022.

Where: Bucharest, Romania

When: September 8 – 11, 2022

Deadline for applications: Regular: JULY 23rd

Through the ”(un)safe” zones theme, the eighth edition of Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (September 8 – 11, 2022) invites artists and audiences alike to witness art redefining its shapes in a world in crisis. The artistic formats undergo mandatory mutations: the film leaves the cinema, the dance leaves the stage, the stage becomes a space open to debates, and the reality is radically transformed by imaginative artistic manifestations.

The #8 edition questions the future’s safety in the face of current events and wonders what forms of art we are heading towards. What molds will movies accede to? What topics will gain relevance as we are forced to be more aware of national, bodily, and inner boundaries?

Awards & Prizes
BIDFF awards excellence, novelty and courage in film-making with a prize pool of 1500 euros.
→ Best International Film
→ Best Romanian Film

Rules & Terms
The competition section is dedicated to short films only and is divided into International and Romanian. The board will take into consideration fiction, documentary and animation films that either use movement to explore an idea or speak about issues related to the body and the world of dance and performance. We also highly encourage you to apply if you have a short film that explores the future of art, questioning issues related to the ethics of collaboration, communication, and co-existence.

We are looking for:
→ short dance films of a maximum of 20 minutes, produced in the last two years;
→ short dance films in the genres of dance film, screen dance, dance for camera, musical, animation, fiction or documentary about the body or the world of dance, experimental shorts conceptually oriented around the idea of movement;
→ short dance films with a minimum quality of Full HD (1920 x 1080);
→ each director can submit a maximum of two films.

We are NOT looking for:
→ music videos, trailers or recordings of performances, films already submitted in the previous years to BIDFF, one-minute films, commercials, home-made videos;

We offer:
→ money awards for Best International Film and Best Romanian Film;
→ free entry to all the events of the festival, excluding workshops that require a previous application.
All applicants will be informed about the outcome of their submission by August 1st 2022.

BIDFF is a platform for exquisite films that use movement as their main language or the body as their main subject. Faced with the camera lenses, the body becomes the main focus of cutting-edge art-house films with a sometimes transparent, sometimes coded meaning, but always challenging the viewer to a playful exchange of information about social life, politics, extreme emotions, interesting places and oddly beautiful aesthetics.
The festival takes place each year in September, in multiple locations from Bucharest, Romania.
Besides film screenings, BIDFF organizes panels, exhibitions, public presentations and film production labs.

How to apply: → Submit your film on Filmfreeway:
→ Find more information on our website:

Costs for participants: Regular – Standard: $10 Student: $8 Gold Members: $9 & Late – Standard: $15 Student: $12 Gold Members: $13

Contact details:

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