SIB Dance Lab is searching for projects for the upcoming lab in summer of 2018.

The 18th 23rd of June we will arrange SIB Dance Lab 7th edition in Hamar, Norway. We are looking for workshops, performances, seminars and happenings in the genres of performance art, dance, choreography and dance/movement research.

Where: Hamar, Norway

When: 18th – 23rd of June 2017

Deadline for applications: 31. Oct 2017

The lab will take place in the studios at Teater Innlandet, and around Hamar city. Applicants are encouraged to apply with site-specific and interdisciplinary projects.
lab week starts on Monday 18th of June and officially finishes on Saturday the 23th of June, how the week will unfold is up to the participants and projects involved.

To view program from previous SIB Lab events visit

SIB Lab is an annual event and we apply to secure funding each year. Successful projects will be given an initial agreement of participation at SIB lab, a further official agreement will be signed when funding has been secured for 2018, this will happen spring 2018. Earlier years we have received Arts Council funding, funds from FFUK and local funds.

The full agreement will include accommodation, travel and artist fee ( following NODA guidelines) HOW TO APPLY:

Application deadline: 31. Oct 2017
your application to

Application process: Please present a brief/precise description of your proposal along with CV for everyone involved. If this is an international application, please also provide us with your proposed travel info.
successful candidates will be notified during the month of November. The choice will be made by a committee from the SIB team.

Criteria: We will be looking at the quality of the project and clarity and purpose of each particular project in light of SIB Lab and our values. We also value the proposals fit to the total run of SIB Lab 2018.

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