The online workshop WITHIN YOUR BODY invites to live the curious journey of embodiment and to unfold our dreams through movement with the help of “Dream Opening®” practice, somatic work and choreographing / instant composition tools.

Where: Online

When: 4 Mondays in May 2021: 10, 17, 24, 31

Deadline for applications: 07.05.2021

During the four meetings of the workshop we will live the curious journey of embodiment, moving from the vastness of potential into a focused place of incarnation. We will begin by a series of visualisations to hone each participants most prevailing question. The question will be posed to our dreaming, igniting our inner quest. During the second meeting, we will unfold the night dreams through movement. With the help of “Dream Opening®” practice, somatic work and choreographing / instant composition tools, we will manifest the inner images and see how they vibrate in the waking reality. During the third meeting we will practice weaving patterns and developing materials, sharpening the dialogue between dreaming and waking realities, between doing and observing, expanding an awareness of the endless flow of impulses, recognizing one’s own inherent power to choose which one to follow, form and embody. The final session will explore the potential of the question to unwave the patterns and the linear logic of thinking. We will explore how a choreography can breathe with life, and how being present grants one the experience of freedom.

To register, mail to

Max 15 participants // open for everybody, no previous knowledge necessary // online via Zoom // in English // free of charge // registration at (until 07.05.21) // registration is valid and requested for all four dates

For further information, please visit