One year foundation program in dance at TIP in FreiburgGermany from May 2019 to April 2020.

Due to high demand, we will start our next undergraduate studies in May 2019.

Where: TIP – Centre of New Dance, Improvisation and Performance in Freiburg, Germany

When Audition: 16th / 17th March 2019

Deadline for applications: 7th March 2019

One year foundation program in the field of dance and dance Technique, Improvisation, Composition, Contact Improvisation, Movement Training with Body & Movement Awareness, Instant Composition and Performance.
Teachers: Lilo Stahl, Bernd Ka, Oliver Lange and guest teachers.
Basic preconditions for the education are:
* physical and mental health
* physical precondition for dance and movement (mobility, body-experience, endurance)
* basic knowledge in the range of New Dance (Technique, Improvisation, Contact-Improvisation) and/or Contemporary techniques.
* to learn and work on one‘s own initiative
* to engage in artistical processes with one‘s own personal material
* to participate continuously in a group’s process of learning
* a certain degree of personal maturity and experience of.
For applicants with little experience in New Dance / Contemporary Dance, We fundamental recommend participating in a 3 Months intensive basic project for orientation and preparation.

How to apply:

Preconditions: Participation in a basis project or evidence of an appropriate dance or movement experience.
Application form: for participants:

Program fee: 1500, – € per trimester.

The decision about admission into Program is made via an audition. The fee for the audition weekend is 100, – €

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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