Four days of experimentation and collective creation of Videodance for research and production of visual, performative and multimedia art material.

With Ladys Gonzalez (videomaker, University Professor of Body Expression)

Chiara Zilli (videomaker, dancer)

When: 16 to 19 October 2017

Where: Celacanto’s House – Marina Serra, Lecce, Italy

Deadline for applications: 1 October

The wild nature of Marina Serra, Salento, Southern Italy. open the doors of the creation.

An audiovisual, physical, poetic, personal and interpersonal exploration where the environment will be part of creation, meant as a Being in dialogue with corporeality.

The goal of the four days of work is to give life to an intimate and collective geography, which consisting of dance and dance images, taking as a reference the body as a physical, emotional and energetic territory.

The basic questions we are asking are the following: Which biography tells my body? And if the body is my territory, where do its borders begin and where do they end? Which ones are the infinite ways of living it, exploring it, dancing, filming it? Is the sea also my body? And the body of the other? And the crown of a tree?

The different contents we will approach will be the nutrients of a sharing, a communion as a lighthouse that awakens and unites together.

The collective work will condense in a performance in the nature and in a video performance that we will share with the public on the closing day from sunset.

The result of the creative video process will be part of the Second International Corporalidad Expandida Festival in Buenos Aires, which spreads and promotes the body language in its different artistic expressions, taking the body as a research field in its context through the camera’s look.

How to apply: fill out the entry form and send it to

To reserve your inscription pay a deposit of 100 euros on the Bank account of Flor Menudita.

Iban IT71X033590160010000015246

Costs for participants: 200 euro with accommodation and food included

Contact details: +39

For further information, please visit

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