NUOVA X welcomes Roni Chadash as resident choreographer during our third period.
“Nuova X”, a program directed by the choreographer Tom Weinberger, in collaboration with NOD.

Where: NUOVA X at NOD Via Mantova 34 – Torino, Italy

When: May 15th – June16th 2023

Each quarter, the program will involve a preselected group of dancers in two different creations with two different choreographers, each lasting five weeks .

This structure has the specific objective of providing dancers with the necessary tools to become a more skilled collaborator within a creative context and to develop a flexible mind as well as a creative one.

The program’s emphasis is on giving ample time for a meaningful process, providing the opportunity to dive into and learn from the choreographers’ methodologies and creative practices.

Our goal is to cultivate an environment for a mindful educational journey, creating room to raise questions and space to challenge our physical and performative skills, while encouraging vulnerability and growth. At the end of each trimester a studio showing will be held, giving the participants a platform to share the works in progress with the community

Roni was born in 1990, grew up in Kfar Shmaryahu and since 2013 based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
In 2009, Roni graduated with honors from the dance department of Hayuval High School, Herzliya.
After completing her military service at Unit 8200 (2009- 2011), she studied dance for one year at Vertigo’s training program followed by another year at Gaaton Dance Workshop (2011-2013).

In 2014, Roni created her first work ‘Spineless’, a video dance that got viral very quickly in Israel and abroad. A few months later, she staged her first solo work, ‘Ani-Ma’, which received the prestigious award of ‘Shades in Dance’ competition 2015, Suzanne Dellal.

Since then, Roni continues to develop her unique movement language and her works are exhibited in Israel and abroad. In her movement research, Roni is deconstructing the body into multiple joints that function independently.

She is in a constant search for instinctive, emotional and raw motives for movements. Her works are characterized by the attempt to deconstruct the body, the movement, the image, the relationship between audience and performers and the act of the show itself. The way she deals with the body peels it from history, stereotypes and dictated labeling and confronts it with a naked present.

As a dancer, Roni collaborated with various choreographers in Israel and abroad, including Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor, Maya Brinner, Odelya Kuperberg and Satoshi Kudo.

Has a teacher, Roni is teaching contemporary dance classes and Repertoire at the most prestigious dance schools in Israel, including: Gaaton Dance Workshop, The Maslool, Ironi Aleph Dance Department, Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance and Vertigo Workshop.

Roni’s classes are based on the physical principles of her language: discovering the instincts of movements, releasing muscle work and focusing on spine movement, using directions in space as a tool to find balance and going beyond physical limitations.

How to apply:
In order to apply, please send your CV together with two separate links, one showcasing yourself in an improvisation session (1 minute – 1 take) and one where you execute a set piece of choreography (max 2 minutes).

Only Vimeo or YouTube links to

All are welcome regardless of ethnicity, gender or sexual preference

Costs for participants:
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