Few spots left for NUOVA X Professional Dance Program – Session C  2024 | April – June | Turin – Italy.
Two different creations with two international choreographers, each lasting five weeks: Moritz Ostruschnjak and Lea Ved.
Session closing week with Tom Weinberger
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Where: NOD Nuova Officina della Danza , Via Mantova 34 Torino, Italy

When: April 8 – June 28, 2024

Deadline for applications: As long as there is space, the number of participants is limited. First come first serve

Nuova X is the professional dance program directed by Tom Weinberger, in collaboration with NOD, based in Turin designed to function on high intensity.

NUOVA X program is divided into 3 sessions from September till June Each quarter, the program involves a preselected group of dancers in two different creations with two different choreographers, each lasting five weeks.
This structure has the specific objective of providing dancers with the necessary tools to become a more skilled collaborator within a creative context and to develop a flexible mind as well as a creative one.

The program’s emphasis is on giving ample time for a meaningful process, providing the opportunity to dive into and learn from the choreographers’ methodologies and creative practices.

Our goal is to cultivate an environment for a mindful educational journey, creating room to raise questions and space to challenge our physical and performative skills, while encouraging vulnerability and growth.

Session C
Moritz Ostruschnjak | April 8 – May 10
Lea Ved | May 20 – June 21
Session closing week | Tom Weinberger | June 24 – 28

Learn more about our guest choreographers by visiting our website

Image: Tom Weinberger and Mirella Oliveri

How to apply / register:
In order to apply, please upload your CV together with two separate links – one showcasing yourself in an improvisation session ( 1 minute – 1 take ) and one where you execute a set piece of choreography ( max 2 minutes ).
Only Vimeo or YouTube links filling out the Google doc form to the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejOBH8DdanoPd5grxPfNlXW_o8eFscX_v7nzs7B_uEgd10eQ/viewform

Costs for participants: For info about costs visit NOD Website

Contact details: Silvana nuova.x.application@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://www.nuovaofficinadelladanza.org/nuovax2324

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