An introduction to the concept of the body as a musical instrument in space, for performance artists and dancers of all disciplines. This two-day course (2 sessions of 2 hours),  will delve into rhythms and movement qualities within the moving body with a focus on grounding and exploring movement dynamics through tension and release. By approaching the exceptional movement qualities underlying flamenco, we will use flamenco dance as a gateway to deeper grounding and investigating new dynamics of the body in space and time. As we investigate the idea of the dancer as a musician and the deep musicality intrinsic in flamenco, participants will be encouraged to connect on a deeper level with the rhythm and pulse of their bodies,  sitting into it in a grounded and connected way as opposed to sailing above it. Dancers and Performers of all disciplines are encouraged to attend this workshop to explore new movement vocabularies and musicality for their practice.

Where: PAUL Studios Berlin, Ziegrastraße 13, 12057 Berlin, Germany

When: Saturday, March 10th 2018 & Sunday, March 11th, 2018 From 13:00-15:00

Deadline for applications: Friday, March 9th, 2018

Noemí Luz is a multidisciplinary artist who works with flamenco, contemporary dance and visual arts. She trained classically at Elmhurst Ballet School and Central School of Ballet and also has an HNC Diploma in Fine Art. Noemí relocated to Seville in 2007 where she specialized in traditional flamenco and bata de cola under the tutelage of her mentor Yolanda Heredia. She has performed in venues such as Tablao Arenal, Casa de la Guitarra, Peña la Perla de Cadiz and Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo. She has also collaborated with Yolanda Heredia on bata de cola masterclasses in Seville.

In 2014 Noemí formed part of an artistic residency in Florida run by choreographer Niurca Márquez. She also co-founded award-winning dotdotdot dance company along with Magdalena Mannion and Yinka Esi Graves. They most recently performed in Sadler’s Wells ‘Sampled’ festival in February 2017 and are currently developing a triple bill of work titled ‘In Body’.

Noemí premiered her solo work ‘The Ugly Truth’, a collaboration with sound designer José Tomé in London at the Cervantes Theatre in 2017 and has also performed the work at Coetani Festival of Experimental Flamenco in Athens. She is currently working on a new project called ‘Silver Thread’ which addresses the fragile nature of memory and the issues faced by those affected by dementia. This is a collaboration with spoken word artist Toni Stuart and sound designer José Tomé.

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Costs for participants: 70 Euro (Total for 2-day workshop)