NOD Workshop with Raquel Guarnieri. NOD ICD PROGRAM next trimester (April/June) includes extraordinary class lead by leaders of leading coaches.

Class included into NOD International Contemporary dance Program  and open to external dancers

When: April 12nd h: 15,00/18,00

Where: Via Pomba 9 – 1st  floor – Torino

” An Insight” to make you become a dancer”

Training the body is, for dancers, a task and a custom almost automatic. We train our body to  elevate results and to achieve excellence.

However, how much  do we train our minds, so that it is not an hindrance to our body?

In the EEC we believe that the main part of our limits lies in our thoughts, and consequently also our physical limits are conditioned.

During this workshop we will be training our mind,  so our thoughts and our private conversations to  open up a chance for our body. To train our internal language also means training our vision, our goals, in order to declare extra-ordinary challenges which enables us to achieve extra – ordinary achievements.

Led by RAQUEL GUARNIERI of EEC Italia – Master certified coach by ICF