Luca Singoretti will lead 5 Intensive days workshop included into ICD NOD Program based in Torino.
Based on body language, combined with a more theatrical side of the dancer’s creative minds with the intention to cultivate a group energy demonstrating no fears and no judgments.
Changing Partners and directions at high speeds, exerting energy, dynamically and with clarity using thick and morphing movements.

Where: Via Cigna 5, Torino, Italy

When: October 15 – 19

Deadline for applications: October 7th


October 15th
h: 10,00 – 14,00
October 16 – 19
h: 9,00 – 11,30

How to apply:
Fill the Google doc form to the link:

Costs for participants

€ 150,00 NOD members rate
€ 183,00 Non-members rate (VAT 22% included) – Trimester and monthly fee information.

Contact details: Silvana

For further information, please visit

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