NOD is happy to invite you to the workshop with Keren Rosenberg

Workshop included into International Contemporary dance Program Torino Italia

When: 24 – 28 October h: 11,00/14,30

Where: Torino, Italy
Centro Danza Royal Via San Marino 89/14

Deadline for registrations: September 20th

‘Explosive Cavities’ is a one-week creation of a new dance film, a collaboration between choreographer and Gaga teacher Keren Rosenberg and visual artist and film maker Fanny Hagmeier. The process will focus around the question of ‘When does one’s a personal Ideology manifest itself and when does one discovers that he actually holds one? In relation to these question the process will focus on the physical and mental states of conviction and exhaustion and on the moment of transformation between the two.

The week will be comprised of morning warm up sessions followed by creation process.
The filming will take place throughout the week in various locations in Turin.

REGULAR FEE € 120,00 + r.m. € 15,00GOLD CARD 1 € 96,00

GOLD CARD 2 € 108,00

Apply on the following website:

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