NOD is happy to Invite you to the Intensive 5 days led by Carolina Mancuso, come to explore the NOD ICD Program  2018/19.

Where: Centro Danza Royal – Via San Marino 89/18, Torino, Italy

When: September 17 – 21 Schedule: h: 10,00/13,30

Workshop included into NOD International Contemporary Dance Program  and open to 5 external dancers

Carolina is interested in the constant research of the body’s adaptability.

For ‘’Entropy’’ Movement Class she has established a simple yet complex structure of games, rules and limitations where the participants can discover more freedom in understanding their body: individually as well as interacting / partnering another person.

Through her games and ‘rules’ participants will be able to learn their own borders and, as a result, these new tools can be used to their advantage in creating pivot points while moving on the floor, standing, jumping, manipulating, turning and isolating.

The brain is the heaviest and most loaded muscle. By limiting our self to the tasks and rules our brain relaxes the ’thought process’. Our brain starts to be creative and healthy. By freeing our mind we unlock new creative space in the body.

Carolina will guide participants throughout the entire class, coaching as well as physically exploring and showing the exercises.

10% discount by July 30th – Special price for registration by the end of July


€ 150,00  NOD members rate

€ 183,00 Non-members rate (VAT 22% included)

To become NOD  member it’s mandatory :

– Yearly registration/insurance  fee € 50,00 or € 15,00 registration/insurance valid for the single workshop chosen.

– If you don’t want to become a member it’s mandatory to pay the rate + VAT included

Apply on the following website:

Contact: Silvana

For further information, please visit

photo Kevin Quinaou

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