NOD is excited to invite you to the 4 day workshop led by Fabien Thome included in the Summer International contemporary dance Program organized by NOD

Where: NOD Nuova Officina della Danza, Via Mantova 34 Torino – Italy

When: July 12 – 15 | 4 days workshop

Deadline for applications: June 10th


We will start by awakening the body with breathing exercises working from the joints towards the movement, with a scale of 0 to 10, to be able to flow and unify the breath with the movement in a natural way.
We will continue investigating and looking for different ways of using the floor, working on different qualities of movement, dynamics, space … to know the limits of the body and to be able to express actions reaching different states.
In a second part, we will work mainly on improvisation with a defined concept to be able to investigate and develop other interpretive facets such as voice, theatricality, body sounds and different states.
All this process will serve to create a space of sensations, with connection as the central main objective of the work.

Register to the Google doc Form to the link
Send 1 videos of you improvising, no more than 1 min.
Please also include a short bio and send all material to (Vimeo or Youtube NO password)

Costs for participants: For info about costs visit NOD Website to the link

Contact details: Silvana

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