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Where: NOD Nuova Officina della Danza, Via Mantova 34 Torino – Italy

When: Summer Program Week 2: July 8 – 12

Deadline for applications: April 30 2024

LUCID MOTION: contemporary dance, theatrical tools and acrobatics technique.

This workshop seeks to find an expression of each participant’s unique movement.
Little by little my workshops have become a space to explore that place where theatre, acrobatics, and movement (contemporary dance & contact) meet. The aim of the workshop is to use different creation tools to combine contact-improvisation technique, theatre tools and acrobatic exercises to develope a communicational, expressional movement while we try to reach a complete available open body ready to perform. These tools will be used as a vehicle to open a wide range of possibilities of expression that will be awakened by self-exploring and connecting with our undiscovered, hidden or blocked capacities of expression.
We will utilize the technique and improvisations bounds by a clear objective as a way to reach new depths breaking the apparent limits imposed by the premise of the activity. We will endeavor to become more aware of what we generate while we move developing an understanding of how
what we feel inside relates to how we engage with the outside (space, time, music/sounds, silence, movement, others). We will focus one-on-one exercises but we’ll also participate in group and individual activities.

Lucio A. Baglivo:
works as a dancer, acrobat, actor, dance teacher, director / choreographer and as an external artistic advisor for different projects since 2003.
The goal of his productions is, through dance, acrobatics and theater, to transmit emotions and connect with the viewer, enhancing all the senses on stage. Each project seeks a language of its own movement and a particular stage poetics.

Lucio works as a director and teacher developing and deepening his creation methodology “Lucid Motion” and his workshops “Sensitive Memory”, “Lucid contact” and ” Acrobatics for everyone” which constantly dialogues with his creations. He has performed and taught in different countries such as Spain, Germany, Holland, USA,  Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, France, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Belgium and Argentina.

How to apply:
In order to apply, please upload your CV together with two separate links – one showcasing yourself in an improvisation session ( 1 minute – 1 take ). Only Vimeo or YouTube links filling out the Google doc
form to the link

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