NOD Summer Program 2021 are working to provide you with the most exciting summer program possible. To secure your place you must register in advance.

Where: NOD Nuova Officina della Danza Torino, Italy

When: July 12 – August 13 |2021

We are coming back with the work of the best freelance dancers from the international scene.
The Intensive Summer Program is open to dance students aged 18 and up, with a strong contemporary and ballet technique.

The program is directed to professional dancers, teachers, and dancers. Study and practice of the repertoires and methodologies of the movement of the major companies on the international scene
GAGA /dancers classes are conducted by licensed teachers .

Scholarships valid for the 2021/22 Academic year will be awarded during each session of the Intensive Summer Program.

Teachers and Schedule:

Week 1 – July 12 – 16
Noa Zuk h: 10,00/11,15 Gaga dancers class – h:11,30/13,30 Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof repertoire
Frederic Despierre – h: 15,00/17,00

Week 2 – July 19  – 23

Matan David h: 10,00/11,15 Gaga dancers class – h:11,30/13,30 Matan’s  repertoire
Attila Ronai – h:  15,00/17,00

Week 3 – July 26 – 30

Ella Rothschild – h: 10,00/11,15 Gaga dancers class – h:11,30/13,30 Ella’s  repertoire
Eyal Dadon –  July 26 – August 3rd 9 day workshop no day off h: 15,00/17,00
Akira Yoshida – July 27- 30 4 day workshop h: 17,00/19,30

Week 4 – July 2 – August 6

Ella Rothschild h: 10,00/11,15 Gaga dancers class – h:11,30/13,30 Ella’s  repertoire

Eyal Dadon  July 31- August 3rd h: 15,00/17,00
Please note that the workshop led by Eyal Dadon will start on July 26th to  August 3rd – Saturday and Sunday included! NO day off!

Week 5 – August 9 – 13

L-E-V- Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar Repertoire

Rebecca Hytting – h: 10,00/Gaga dancers class h: 11,30 – 13,30 Sharon’s Repertoire

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