David Raymond is teaching soon online at NOD, come to dance with us!
We have created this program to better meet the needs of students during this period.
Classes are given on simple platform Zoom

Where: Zoom online

When: January 6 – 8

Deadline for applications: Until we have space

Embodying character through movement and generating a physical language for character.

Born and raised in Penticton, BC, David Raymond began as a tap dancer and continued to train in classical and other forms of dance, forming Over the Influence with four street dancers. In 2004 he entered a two-year creative residency with Tiffany Tregarthen in Antwerp, Belgium. Upon returning to Vancouver in 2007, they founded Out Innerspace Dance Theatre to serve as the home for their creative work, and Modus Operandi as a platform to develop and share their practice with young artists. David has performed with The 605 Collective, Wen Wei Dance, Response Dance, Dana Gingras, Simone Orlando, Beijing Modern Dance, Vancouver Opera, and Move: The Company.

Register to the Google doc Form to the link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfaF_Pu4oQcejCF_3WoWI9fBiJLNRWggZHTkSjbyOvai_2JUQ/viewform
You will receive a link to the Zoom meeting via e-mail a couple of hours before of class.

Costs for participants: For info about costs visit NOD Website

Contact details: Silvana dancenod@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://www.nuovaofficinadelladanza.org/masterclass-in-arrivo

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