It’s a 9-day training workshop with the collaboration of Gaga Movement Ltd., which includes Gaga dancers class and deeper study of Ohad Naharin’s Repertoire, giving the students the chance to present it in an informal sharing at the end of the period.
Only applications for the whole period will be considered Workshop included into NOD International Contemporary Dance Program and open to 7 external dancers.

Where: NOD c/o Centro Danza Royal – Via San Marino 89/14 – Turin, Italy

When: June 4 – 12

Deadline for applications: May 30th

Guy Shomroni began dancing with the Batsheva Ensemble in 2001 and joined the Batsheva Dance Company in 2004, where he worked with choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal, and Yasmeen Godder. He also created ten original short pieces for Batsheva’s annual Dancers Create evening. In 2013 he served as Ohad Naharin’s assistant for the creation process of The Hole and in 2015 for the creation of Last Work. Since leaving Batsheva in 2012, Guy and his long-time colleague Yaniv Avraham, also a former Batsheva dancer, have collaborated on two projects. In June 2014 they presented Kuntz, a duet danced by themselves, at the Zira Festival in Jerusalem. In November 2014 the pair premiered a work entitled Vellum, created for 8 dancers, in Moscow.
In 2015 Guy again served as assistant to Ohad Naharin, setting his work Minus 16 on the Nürnberg Ballet and Ballet Zurich. Guy has been teaching Gaga internationally since 2002.

Schedule June 4th – 12nd:

June 4th 6th – 7th
h: 10 / 11.15 “Gaga / dancers” – 11.30 / 13.30 “Ohad Naharin’s Repertoire Sessions”
June – 8th – 9th – 10th – 11st
h: 10 / 11.15 “Gaga / dancers” – h: 11,30 / 14,00 “Ohad Naharin’s Repertoire Sessions”
June 5th – 12nd
h: 11 / 12.15 “Gaga / dancers” – h: 12.30 / 14.30 “Ohad Naharin’s Repertoire Sessions”

How to register:
To complete your registration we need:
1- Your short CV and a video of your dance
(1-minute minimum that shows your skill, technique, physicality, virtuosity and dynamic movement in the studio)
Fill the Google doc form to the link:

Costs for participants:
REGULAR FEE (9 days) €425,00 NOD members rate
€ 488,00 Non-members rate (VAT 22% included)

Contact details: Silvana

For further information, please visit

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