Are you looking for career development advise?
Do you need help navigating the dance world and its opportunities or in the research process for companies? The Mentoring Exchange Program is for you!

5 Extraordinary Mentors / Teachers / Choreographers:

Where: NOD Nuova Officina della Danza Torino, Italy

When: There is no deadline, you can register whenever you want!

Registration to the Mentoring Exchange Program is open now for the next Trimester April /June 2021 and you can choose the Mentors you want to work with.

Will be part of the program with their vision of expertise with a dual purpose:
to allow participants to expand their knowledge and skills as a dancer/performer/choreographer alongside preparation for the working dance world by both in-person guidance and remote mentoring when necessary, promoting the next generation of dancers.

– There will be a direct channel of communication between you and the Mentor through conversations via Internet, by sending videos and working from time to time on tasks assigned by the them.
– Remote mentorship will include career development and auditioning skills.
– Advise can also be given on navigating dance opportunities and the research process for companies, offering feedback on applications including coaching on choreography and performance.
– There is also an opportunity to engage further with one of the Mentors in their home cities such as in Madrid with the Full time company led by Fabian Thome which will also give students the opportunity to continue working and evolve their experience to the maximum by inviting them (at personal expense) to work for 2 weeks so they can get the most out of their experience. (Covid permitting)

The MEP program is a precious opportunity for the participants, who will have the chance to be guided and mentored by those who have been working professionally at the highest caliber in the international dance scene for over a decade with the most reputed and established companies in the world at this moment in time such as: Batsheva Dance Company, Hofesh Shechter, Netherlands Dance Theater I, The Forsythe Company, Tanztheater Wuppertal, Sidi Larbi Cherkahui, GöteborgsOperan Danskompani.

The Mentoring exchange program is a separate, and an addition to the ICD Program and requires a separate application.

“The word mentor is a very old term that derives from the name of the Master of Telemachus, the son of Ulysses who had been appointed to look after him during the war in which the young man would have participated for the first time. Recognised today as a person who knows a wide range of secrets on a specific topic or activity, he therefore brings a lot of knowledge with him and it is important that he transfers it to others so that it does not get lost.

The mentor’s work is called Mentoring to define the real activity of the person rich in knowledge who transfers it to another. This activity is important and is recognised as very important.

The mentor takes care of instilling confidence and encouragement, helping the student to orient himself and believe in himself, becoming more aware of what he is.

To apply, send two videos, both no more than 1 min. each (2 min. max. in total).
The first of you improvising and the second of you performing a set choreography. Please also include a short bio and send all material to (Vimeo or Youtube NO password)

Costs for participants: For info about costs visit NOD Website

Contact details: Silvana

For further information, please visit


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