NOD is happy to Invite you to the Intensive 5 days led by Dario Rigaglia.

Centro Danza Royal – Via San Marino 89/18, Turin, Italy

March 12 – 16
Schedule: h: 10,00/13,30


Versatile dancer; began dancing at the age of 9, beginning with Latin American and Caribbean dance techniques. Ranking among the top positions in different competitions also studied Hip Hop and break dancing, soon after, ballet and contemporary dance, incorporating the energetic, blocked, sharp movements of Hip Hop with the fluidity of Contemporary to create a unique quality. After he completed his High school studies, Dario decided to do further dance studies and moved to Rome to the DAF (Dance arts Faculty) followed by a traineeship at the Agorà Coaching Project in Reggio Emilia.
Dario danced in several projects, including the Kitonb project, Vibrazioni Dance Company and the corps de ballets for some operas.
In April 2016 he received the contract with Les Ballets C de la B for Nischt Schlafen -Alain Platel and recently received from “Danza & Danza” the award for the best Italian dancer abroad 2016.

Class description:
“Usually at the beginning of my class I don’t follow a specific schedule but I prefer to create a relationship with the dancer. Understanding them helps me to create a direct connection with the dancers. That helps me to find out which doors to open so that my artistic research integrates with their personality as softly as possible. For sure I take time to warm up together and give time to the group to explain themselves in movement improvisation and later if necessary using a dialogue between all of us!

In the second part of the lesson I usually add my own research, and my idea of movement, by giving specific tools, and as a next step I love to find connection also between them as a group, two by two or more.“

Workshop included into NOD International Contemporary dance Program  and open to external dancer.

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