NOD is happy to invite you to the Intensive 4 days led by  NICOLETTA CABASSI
Workshop included into NOD International Contemporary dance Program  and open to external dancers

When: 29 May – 1 June

Where: Centro Danza Royal – Via San Marino 89/14, Turin, Italy

Fee € 90,00 + € 15,00 registration

Method of payment: banking transfer

Apply on the following website:

Workshop description:

The proposed path is based on a research conducted in over 25 years of professional experience at 360° between dance/theater/opera/drama/creation/performance and teaching. This pedagogy is liminal: the training would bring the dancer to a deep awareness of his corporal mechanism, knowing the spiral functions in its joints, relating them to the space and to different levels of energy, giving special attention to the concepts of : levers, movement usefuland useless’, off-balance and imbalance, pulse, push and counter-push, up to be carried on an extreme energic speed, but ready to return immediately at the ‘point zero’ of movement and time.

The practice (at the beginning on the floor and then developed vertically and in the space, using different timings) is aimed to obtain movement disjointed but organic that puts in evidences the articular mechanism of the body in its fragmentation and places it within a space, in which the body is constantly attracted by vector lines. The movement will never be binary.

“My work try to probe the imbalance and the possibility to feel comfortable, moving and dancing, even in total off-balance/off-axis. I don’t care about the movement in itself but about his quality and overall I’m interested to that delicate point of transition in which we can fall, collapse, or transform it in otehr movement. It’s a shift of weight and a metamorphosis in another dynamic state, almost excluding a voluntary act but generating it by the intrinsic laws of the body structure; by this way you feel the reaction to a dynamic thrust (or inpulse) that leads to a subsequent phase in a endless chain, but without the time to thinking! “so you can write and create a choreography or improvise. Dance first think later” said Beckett …

This spiral can be broken in any time. The body is attracted from spatial vectors invisible and moving; the interior impulse starts, each time, from a different point or from several points so it becames a body “exploded” ! ! We reserch on the high point of the parable or the lowest point of the hyperbole: the work explores these two extremes … on the Edge!

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