NOD is happy to Invite you to the Intensive 5 days led by LUCA SIGNORETTI

When: November 6 – 10 / Schedule: h: 10,00/13,30

Where: Centro Danza Royal – Via San Marino 89/18, Torino, Italy


Luca  was member of the Ballet Junior de Genève and in 2009 went on to become a soloist member of the ensemble Tanz Luzerner Theater in Luzern, Switzerland.

Luca has danced choreographies from Georg Reischl, Stijn Celis, Felix Landerer, Patrick Delcroix, Alexander Ekman, Thierry Malandain, Yuval Pick, Ken Ossola, Ramirez Sanzano, József Trefeli, Marco Becherini, Laurence Yadi & Nicolas Cantillon, Kinsun Chan, Jochen Heckmann, Maurice Causey, Caroline Finn, Martino Muller, Andre Mesquita,, Cayetano Soto, Lukas Timulak, Ihsan Rustem among others.

His work was selected as a finalist of the 27th Hannover International Choreographic Competition.

Last year he won the “ Pretty Creative “ price at the NWDance Project, Portland, U.S.

Since 2012 he is the Artistic Director of Interdans Festival for young choreographers, taking place in both Belgium and Italy.

Luca recently assisted new works from Emanuel Gat and Darrel Toulon at the University of Arts, Zurich.


The idea behind the work is to find personality and creativity that has perhaps long been lacking since our childhoods.
Based on body language, combined with a more theatrical side of the dancers creative minds, I intend to cultivate a group energy demonstrating no fears and no judgments.
Changing Partners and directions at a high speeds, exerting energy, dynamically and with clarity using thick and morphing movements.
I aim to always find a relationship between movement and voice alike within group games, by teaching both repertoire and using tasks.
During the week I will be teaching students  combinations from my repertoire.