Due to the spread of the epidemic and to help its containment, the Italian ministry asks all Italian territory to suspend all physical activities, events and shows, thus avoiding doing any activities in which it would be difficult to prevent social contacts from an interpersonal distance of at least one meter.

Where: NOD Nuova Officina della Danza, Torino, Italy

When: Until at least the 14 th of April

We believe that it is essential at this moment of emergency to do everything possible to help avoid the spread of the virus.
The start of the next quarter will be delayed by sliding the start from April 2nd to April 14th (unless otherwise indicated) and then wait for this viral wave to pass without putting your health in danger.
Given the internationality of teachers and students and the collective difficulties in reaching Turin and in wanting to responsibly guarantee the safety of all participants, as soon as all airports reopen and flights begin to fly over our skies, we are waiting for you in Turin to dance together.

Having made this decision, the following changes will be applied:

1- Anyone who has lost the last three weeks of the second quarter 2020 (i.e. from March 9th to March 27th, 2020) will be able to make up the lessons during the following quarter from April 14th to July 10th 2020, for any info and booking, please refer to the following email: dancenod@gmail .com.

2- The start of the third quarter of 2020 will be postponed starting April 14th, 2020 until July 10th, 2020.
NB: remember that the last week of the quarter (from July 6 to 10 2020) corresponds to the first week of the 2020 Summer Program. Therefore, during the last week, third-quarter students will be able to participate in a session with a single teacher, either Ella Rothschild or Tom Weinberger.

With much love,
Take care of yourself and stay in contact,
Silvana and the NOD team

For further questions email: dancenod@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://www.nuovaofficinadelladanza.org/copia-di-icdprogram-2018-19

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