Join us at NOD International Contemporary dance Program 2022/23.
5 days workshop led by Pau Aran Gimeno. Workshop included into NOD International Contemporary Dance Program and only open to 5 external dancers

Where: NOD Nuova Officina della Danza , Via Mantova 34 Torino, Italy

When: October 17th – October 21th

The workshop will be held according to the COVID -19 regulations. The number of participants is limited. First come, first served.


In his methodology Pau propose a work based on the compositional factors of dance: energy, rhythm, space and form. The Jooss-Leeder method inspires much of my class. Respecting the different needs and circumstances of the group, he focuses on breathing, repetition and opposing directional forces.
The composition and improvisation exercises open a dialogue with each performer. He seeks to connect them with their personal expression, unique and perfect. With this proposal, Pau would like to create better conditions in the research process for the participants, looking for the creative potential of each one of them, beyond their physical aptitudes. With these premises, there will be work through play and pleasure, improvisation and body narrative. Dancers will connect with a personal, authentic expression and develop a greater awareness of their limits, in order to overcome them.

was born in Barcelona in 1981 and grew up in a small town near the Catalan regional capital. At the age of ten, he discovered his love for dance in the local dance school, learning ballroom dancing as well as jazz, classical and modern dance. After graduating from high school, he wanted to turn his hobby into a profession, studied ballet in Barcelona and took classes in contemporary dance.
Pau joined Tanztheater Wuppertal in 2006, where he stayed until the end of the 2019/20 season. He danced in a total of 25 pieces, delving into the complexity of Pina Bausch’s movement language.
Dominique Mercy, in particular, taught him how precisely the body must be guided in every detail, how to use breath and weight correctly, how to clarify the intention of a movement in order to give it meaning. And despite this complexity, the goal at the end is to stand on stage as simply and as honestly as possible – not as a role, but as a human being.

Since 2013 Pau has been working parallelly as a freelance artist. He has guest choreographed and danced in Germany, Spain, UK, Japan and Italy over the last years.

Pau most recent works are Lettre d’amour (2020), a duet co-produced by the GREC Festival and premiered in Barcelona at the CCCB, and Un cadavre exquis II (2021 – 2022), a solo co-produced by the Steptext dance project e.V. and Festival Dansa Metropolitana, premiered in Madrid at Naves del Español.

How to apply:
Please send your CV and a short video to (1 min. minimum video of your improv that shows your skill, technique , physicality, virtuosity and dynamic movment in the studio)
Only Vimeo or YouTube links no password will be accepted to

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