NOD is happy to invite you to the Contemporary Class with Jon Ole Olstad

Workshop included in International_Contemporary_Dance_Program NOD and open to external dancers

When: November 14 – 18 h: 11,00 /12,15 h: 12,30/14,30

Where: Torino, Centro Danza Royal Via San Marino 89/14, Italy

Regular fee € 170,00 + Registration € 15,00

Gold Card 1  € 136,00 Gold Card 2 € 153,00

Class description:
“In my class I want each and every one of the students to discover something new about themselves, both physically and mentally. To be able to step outside the box but at the same time gain the knowledge of being inside the box with your center and technique. The class focuses on expanding your limits, reaching further as a dancer, breaking habits and a personal investigation to take your dancing to a completely different landscape. I encourage a balance between doing the steps that are given to you, but at the same time letting who you are as a dancer and person color the movements.”

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