Study Kinetica the movement language from Nadine Bommer’s Animato Dance Art.

Where: NYC- Israel- Germany

When: January 7 – March 31

Deadline for applications: Dec 15

Join us for a three-month certificate training program 

7 January 2020 – 31 March 2020

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday- 10a-1p (Mannheim + Israel)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday- 9a-12p (NYC)

Age: 18+ 

Level: Pre Professional/Professional

About the method – Animato Dance Art

The Animato Dance Art was developed by the Israeli artist Nadine Bommer- Director and Choreographer of the NADINE Bommer Dance Company. Animato Dance Art uses an improvisational kinetic movement language inspired by the combination of the sea’s endless motion and the surrounding energy. It invites the dancers to see life from a different perspective by connecting with oneself through movement. Bommer created and developed her method to support the enrichment of her creative work; seeking to empower the experience of movement within the creative process. Bommer creates diverse figures and situations which encourage the dancer to find expressive artistic freedom. The creative stage of dance development relies on the totality of kinetic movement with animato characters producing the stunning onstage energy that has become the hallmark of the Nadine Bommer Dance Company.

About the Program:

In full association with the NADINE Bommer Dance Company

Intensive Certificate Training Program with over 100hrs of systematic improvisational training, discussion, and personalized feedback

Classes with students from all different backgrounds of dance – focused on expanding their approach to movement

A step by step guide that leads to endless improvisational movement through the Animato Dance Art

Program instructors are Senior Animato Dance Art teachers and Principal Dancers with the NBDC

3 months – 3 times a week – 3 hour sessions

Program Overview:

Open Enrollment: Pre professional/Professional  dancers

Age Requirement: 18+

Training Program Locations to choose from:

United States: West 83rd Street, Manhattan, NYC

Germany: Holzbauerstraße 8, 68167 Mannheim

Israel: Herzl Street 85, Rishon LeTsiyon

Program Contents:

Method Philosophy- Animato Dance Art

5 Elements – Connection to nature physically

Panue- Mind body availability

Kinetic- Touching and understanding energy personally, with others, and in space

3 Corners- How to follow

Macam- Deepest connection of mind and body through movement and imagination

Certificate Ceremony 

What You Gain:

Exploration of a unique dance language that will change how you approach movement and challenge your limits.

Develops a control of your individual movement with a deeper connection of mind and body.

Future opportunities with the NBDC establishment:

Invitation to audition for the Nadine Bommer Dance Company

Continuing Animato Art Education Scholarships

Completion of training leads to a NADINE Bommer Animato Dance Art Training Certificate Level One- Additional training opportunities include:

Animato Dance Art Level Two 

Animato Dance Art Teacher Training Level Three


$1,350 USD – All Payments must be complete by December 15, 2019 (NYC + Israel)

€1,000 – All Payments must be complete by December 15, 2019 (Mannheim)

Early Bird Pricing and payment plans are available


To learn more about the NBDC community Visit: and reach out to

How to apply: email for more information and a registration form.

Costs for participants:
$1,350 USD – All Payments must be complete by December 15, 2019 (NYC + Israel)

€1,000 – All Payments must be complete by December 15, 2019 (Mannheim)

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