This workshop is inspired by the collective adventure Moonwalk (itinerant dance laboratory in nature during one moon cycle) and proposes a unique experience of one-week dancing, walking and living in wild nature.

Where: St. Engrace, Soule. Basque Pyrenees. France.

When: June 18-26th, 2019

JUNE 18-26th , 2019

We will be welcomed by the unique environment of Xiberoa, a landscape largely shaped by water, lush forests, gorges, gigantic network of underground galleries, rocky landscapes …

This generous and intense nature and its numerous chasms towards a mysterious infra-world have always inspired many legends representing mythological creatures and spirits of nature, which are still present today in the lives of the inhabitants.

The dance will be nourished with body exercises and exploration in concrete relation with the landscape, contact with the physical elements, sensory exploration, movement, exercises with partners.

We will also discuss the movement in relation to the imaginary and the immaterial and will propose creative tools to give life to the mythological creatures that emerge from each of us.
We will accompany you to the creation of a short piece of dance which will be the expression “of dialogue with” or “incarnation of”.

We will finish the course in a cinematographic landscape by a group improvisation, a meeting at the summit of the local deities who would have left a moment from the depths to make their dance resonate with the world.

All these themes and explorations will be approached with respect and humour. Everyone is free to see it as a game, a delirium, a political act, a sacred practice, a communion with nature. We will pay attention to the quality and sincerity of the artistic experience as well as the relationship to the places that will welcome us.

During the week we will travel only by foot. Daily life will be an integral part of the experience (the preparation of meals over a wood fire, the collection of wild plants …)


Meeting in the afternoon of June 18th at the Espondaburu farm in St. Engrace (Soule, France): presentation, preparation of bags, meal terroir and night on the farm

From 19 till 25: immersion in nature
– walking, different steps …
– exercises and guided proposals to wake up the body, stimulate the senses, weaken the limitations.
-“journeys” danced in the landscape, improvisation, various creative proposals, writing, creating masks or costumes, with elements from nature
-time of sharing
-installation of camp, preparation of fire and meals on fire, picking wild plants.
June 25th evening: return to the farm, meal and overnight at the farm. Closing.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in movement and nature, despite their dance experience.
Good physical condition is necessary.
If you have doubts about your physical abilities, questions about equipment or about course content, contact us.

-comfortable and suitable shoes for walking
-a good sleeping bag
-a tent (light)
-a floor mat
-warm and light clothing
-a knife
-a bowl
-a bottle of water (min 1l-1,5l)
-plastic or fabric bag


AINARA LOPEZ Issued from a Fine Arts background, she made her first performative steps in Lecoq movement and gesture techniques and street performance before heading towards dance and linguistics. She has worked with butoh performers Anita Saij, Masaki Iwana, Gyohei Zaitsu, Yuko Kaseki, Rhizome Lee, with bodyweather practitioner Frank van der Ven, and contemporary dancers Imen Smaoui and Martin Sonderkampf. Assistant of butoh teacher Atsushi Takenouchi and co-founder of art multidisciplinary collectives L’Atelier D (Tunisia- Spain-Denmark), La Sangria Discreta and la Cie. de TA Soeur (Switzerland), she has performed in different festivals around Europe, participated in several art residencies in Brazil, Spain, France and Denmark and has been official jury of the TAC (International Street performance festival, Spain).

ANIS OUAZZANI With a mathematician background, he moved into CI dance and butoh and he has collaborated with choreographers such as Steve Batts and Atsushi Takenouchi. He has been choreographer of company Merversibles (Toulouse, FR) and has been giving workshops in different countries of Europe. He is the director of the dance festival DANZàPIC in Ariège (FR) and he is an active part of Swiss art collective La Sangria Discreta. With Wix Blog, you’re not only sharing your voice with the world, you can also grow an active online community. That’s why the Wix blog comes with a built-in members area – so that readers can easily sign easily up to become members of your blog.

320€ per person (including all meals and the sejour at the farm)
An 80 € non-refundable deposit will be due when applying.

To register, email

Costs for participants: 320 € (transport to starting point and depart home is at your own expenses)

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