Through an introspective somatic method, this Multidisciplinary Dance Performance Masterclass offers  a radical, critical and experimental approach to contemporary live art practices, exploring the intersection of dance performance with image, object, text, space and sound.

Where: Budapest (“City Programme”) or Napmajor Healing Farm (“Countryside Programme”), Hungary

When: 1-5 months

Deadline for applications: Ongoing

Based on genre-crossing, exploratory creative processes, inspiring repertoire classes, multidisciplinary workshops, personal projects and performance opportunities, our flexible pedagogical pathway is structured around five modules from which you can choose:

“From Page to Stage: How to turn a text into a performance”​

“Sculpture-Theatre & Performing Objects: The performativity of things”

“Oralities: Nothing is left behind”

“Rules of the Game: Scripts, scores, protocoles and task-based performances”

“Translation as Creative practice”

Our masterclass places as much emphasis on self-discovery and self-awareness as it does on creation. Each module begins with a week of repertoire classes, which are themed journeys of somatic exploration through immersive multi-sensory experiences.

The role of the Somatic Introductory Weeks is to take time to observe and sense ourselves, to open doors within, to confront doubts and fears, to overcome limiting beliefs and blockages, to challenge ourselves and raise questions – in short, to get to know ourselves better.

Fiercely socially engaged, political, disruptive, dissident, rebellious and underground, this interdisciplinary masterclass with a deep and inspiring somatic approach provides a supportive context and brave space where, module by module, you will liberate your body and voice, develop your artistic language and personal aesthetic, expand your individual practice, contextualise and show your work while collaborating with others.

Your journey with us will be as nourishing and professional as a masterclass, as transformative and healing as a retreat.

You can take part in this program from 1 to 5 months.

How to register:

Costs for participants: From 1000€

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