“MOVING BODY” summer courses in contemporary dance

The educational platform is oriented towards students and professional dancers with experience. The teachers are choreographers who actively act as dancers / choreographers and teachers in the country and Europe. They will share their experiences and views on dance and will pass on their practical skills. During this one month, participants will work each week with a different teacher within three days as of the fourth day there will be a short presentation to the audience and discussion with leading the workshop.

When: 22 August – 22 September 2016

Where: Varna, Bulgaria

Deadline for applications: 20.08.2016

Two of the best participants will receive a scholarship for free training classes in contemporary dance within the school year 2016 – 2017 in Varna.

Workshops and teachers:

22.08 – 25.08

Zhana Pencheva is a performer, choreographer and dance teacher from Bulgaria. She graduated Dance and Choreography in New Bulgarian University. With strong interests to the body and movement  Zhana became a dancer for Dune dance company, Burgas (in period 2007-2009. She took part in last projects from the company in 2015), but later she continued her education through series of workshops in dance practises and programs such as Nomad dance academy 2009 and DanceWeb 2010. During 2011-2012 she was part from residency programs in iDANS festival, Istanbul and Pact Zollverein, Essen. As a performer she is working with Bulgarian and international choreographers, among whom Petya Stoykova, Galina Borisova Tatiana Sokolova, Rosen Mihailov, Anna Pampulova, Yuri Konijar (Slovenia), Robert Tannion (UK), Ferenc Sinco (Romania), Nigel Charnok (UK). She was teaching at the National School of Dance Art, Sofia (2010-2011), National School of Music and Performing Arts, Burgas (2014). Zhana leads workshops and trainings for contemporary dance in programs, organized by Nomad Dance Academy and Dune Dance Studio, Burgas. Realized several choreographic projects to date: Glass of love (2009), Touch down (2010), Episode IV – thoughts during leisure time (2011), Preparation (2012), Breathe (2015) – dance project for people with special needs,  Neon -burlesque performance (2015) – collective authorship. Also set choreography in a variety formats, differrent from stage formats – choreographer of presentation of Burgas European Capital of Culture 2019, developed by the association Hamalogika. In the last two years (2015-2016) she is working actively with the Social Center Burgas and leads for them workshops and artistic projects with people with special needs.

Zhana Pencheva is Co-founder of Garage Collective, Sofia, member of Nomad Dance Academy – Bulgaria and Member of the Board of Hamalogika 2014, Bourgas.

At the moment she is based in Burgas and works with groups from different constellations and needs, focusing on choreography and teaching.


This is a whorkshop, which in a four days will offer physical training and creative work, which will observe the body, its authenticity movement, energy and information, which produces and communicates with the space, with other bodies around, with the audience and with ourselves.

Participants will fall in a dynamic circumstances to work on the physicality of the body and how it function in dance. The main directions in which will develop the first part of the workshop are floor training, relation between horizontal and vertical, spirals in the body, work with the center, movement speed and statics.

Based on artistic practices in contemporary dance and improvisation methods, in the second part together will motivate, provoke and create choreographic material in which each participant is the author. On one side will reveal the body as an individual body that moves and carries information and the other will observe it as part of a collective body.

29.08 – 01.09

Denitsa Dikova and Glòria Ros, performing artists with a broad experience in contemporary dance. They work together since 2014, developing their own approach to movement. Their field of research is improvisation as a performative language, through the creation of instant composition pieces. Their work is deeply rooted in the moment, rising from their profound awareness of time, space and body/mind.

Their works include “To The Last” (Experimental Room Festival Barcelona, mentored by Julyen Hamilton), “Koimo” (IVAHM, International Video Art Festival Madrid), “ S A L T   P U Z Z L E S” (CIM, Improvisation Festival Barcelona).

Denitsa is graduated in Dance Theatre from the New Bulgarian University. She has worked in collaborative projects with many artists from Bulgaria and abroad, both as a dancer and as a maker. During her career, she has recevied the scholarship for DanceWeb – ImpulsTanz and the prestigious bulgarian Ikar Prize for her piece “Lexic-on”. She also works as a photographer for dance related events and develops her own photography and video projects.

Glòria studied in the Conservatory of Dance Barcelona (Institut del Teatre) in the ballet department. She has danced for Introdans Ensemble voor de Jeugd, with whom she toured internationally on pieces from such choreographers as  Jiri Kylian, William Forsythe and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, amongst others She has worked with a great variety of independent artists from various fields. Her videodance piece with Moises Moricoli was awarded first prize at Shortcuts – Experimental Dance Film Festival  (Int. Bühnenwerkstatt und Tanztheaterfestival, Austria). She regularly teaches contemporary dance, improvisation and ballet.


This is a dance workshop about Improvisation and Instant Composition.

In this workshop we would like to transmit our way of understanding body and movement in the practice of improvisation, considering it a means of comunication on stage.

We would like to propose the content of this workshop through two parallel lines. The first one, focusing on the movement of the individual body as a unit, economizing energy by understanding the way it functions. From there, discovering all the colors, dynamics and expressions it has to offer.

The second line consists on developing an awareness from the individual towards the space and the others.

The workshop offers tools, knowledge and a time for discovery that can be useful for any artists’s development and growth.

12.09 – 15.09

Svetlin Velchev, born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria is a choreographer, visual artist and performer based in the Netherlands. Involved with Performing Arts ever since young age – at first studied drama, animation and puppetry at Theatre ‘SLON’ Sofia, then graduated secondary special education from professional ballet school NUTI in Sofia, and further more earns BA Choreographer at the Rotterdam Dance Academy ‘CODARTS’.

He has worked with Ivo Dimchev, Christian Bakalov, Gabriela Maiorino, Yael Davids, Paul Taylor, Laura Scuzatti, Stanislav Genadiev and Violeta Vitanova. From 2015 took part and currently touring with the performance Sculpting Fear by visual artist Julian Hetzel.

In 2012 Svetlin founded MANIFEST Dance Company, which has presented shows at many prestigious festivals and events across Europe, Asia and South America. In 2014 Svetlin is among the selected artists of the first Biennial for Contemporary Art in Colombia – BIACI Cartagena #1.

Sideways Svetlin Velchev is participating artist at the Cultural Center OT301 in Amsterdam since 2008. Also works as a junior assistant in the Phoebus gallery for contemporary art in Rotterdam, as well as a teacher of contemporary dance techniques in the studio CIRCLE Dance.


The dance atelier Motion Divine looks on the body anatomically, taking discourse in an on going flow, space and the corresponding effort in dance. The workshop is proposing an abstract physical concept for creating movements mainly on the floor, representing the body as animalistic object, capable of flexing, bending, adapting and expressing. The participants will focus their work on softness, stretching, clarity and articulation. The main goal is to bring the performers to a higher technical level, verify their understanding for contemporary dance and increase emotional intelligence, which evokes awareness in how to facilitate fluid movement and perform skillfully with strong presence. Motion Divine is a continuation of the current studies of choreographer Svetlin Velchev about the importance and power of movement to communicate with the surrounding environment, public and world.

19.09 – 22.09

Denislav Valentinov graduated  Royal Conservatory of Dance “Mariemma” in the specialty of Contemporary Dance. At the same time participates in various workshops Improvisation, Flying Low, Contact, choreographic creation etc.

After finishing his studies collaborated on several occasions with the company T.A.C.H. and participates in different projects choreographers such as: Monica Runde, Sharon Fridman, Gloria Garcia, Clara Andermatt, Pedro Berdäyes etc.

Now part of Aula3 Plataforma de creación with the “Time Out” (premiered at the Festival Surge Madrid 2016)

In 2014-1015 it develops two own projects

• “HOAX” -5th edition of Vila-real Dansa Festival in 2016. “HOAX” is also part of DANS OFF PROYECT

• “forecasted” (video-dance) 2nd Prize in OXIDO FEST SCREEN DANCE

He teaches contemporary dance (Floor work, Release, Improvisation)


In my work movement it is understood as physical action, where the important thing is to define what you do, from where start the action and where it ends. I use the technique of floor work as a tool to unlock the joints, strengthen the center and use the weight of your own body taking advantage of the inertia that provides gravity. Also I emphasize the importance of the support points (feet and hands) as solid base to move freely.

In improvisation classes try to leave the comfort zone to discover other ways to move and forget themselves how to improve freedom of expression. Always looking for our personal movement and following our impulses and instincts. Alongside focus the work towards finding different qualities of movement and different dynamic (pause, explosion and fluidity) enhancing personal and group listening.

Deadline for application: 20.08.2016

How to apply? By call on 00 359 893 43 02 89 to get more information about the next steps. Or by send us your name and contacts at performance.room.varna@gmail.com

Costs for participants:

Regular ticket for one workshop  15 leva

Discount for students 10 leva

Discount for all workshops at regular ticket 45 leva

Discount for all workshops for students 30 leva

The amount is paid at the beginning of each workshop. All incomes will cover the cost of the organization of the events.

For further information please visit: https://www.facebook.com/performanceroom.varna/