Through the MOVING BODY Platform Video Screening, we open a window for Bulgarian audiences to look into the work of dance artists around the world. In this registration desk, you can submit your application in response to the open call, to present your dance videos at MOVING BODY17. We are interested in innovative video art works created through the crossbreeding of dance and video media.

MOVING BODY17 educational contemporary dance platform, the 2nd edition of the platform, will take place between 21.08 – 03.09 2017. All filmmakers, audiovisual artists, choreographers, dancers, creatives, artists, professionals and students of these disciplines, are invited to submit their dance films, video dance works, and be part of MOVING BODY17!

Where: Varna, Bulgaria

When: 21.08 – 03.09 2017

Deadline for applications: 23 August 2017

Our Official Selection films will be part of MOVING BODY Platform Video Screening.

All dance films, of any style and genre, between 1 minute and 15 minutes (credits included) in length will be considered and welcomed. Dance performance recordings are excluded from this call and for the selection process. We love mixtures, so, dance films crossing over other disciplines such as music, fashion, design and architecture are welcome too.


Please submit you film on the Vimeo platform ( and provide the necessary link.


Participants must be at least 18 years old to apply

Films must correspond to the genre of dance cinema (dance for the screen, video dance).

Films must have a completion date of 2015 or later.

A preview copy of the film (vimeo, youtube or web page) must be included in your submission, to be seen by the jury.

We ask you to include in your application, the credits associated to the entire creative team, including choreographers, dancers and dance company, if applicable. We want to visualize all the crew and work behind your film!

Dance films containing dialogues, in a language other than English, must include in the preview copy of the film, the respective subtitles or text in English. 

There is no application fee.


Moving body is an educational platform in the field of contemporary dance that encourages career paths of young choreographers and dancers from Bulgaria and Europe, and makes possible the access to contemporary dance classes for a wide range of art lovers.

Its aim is to present the dance as a practice that provokes imagination and emotionality, and cultivates curiosity and creative attitude towards life to the youth audience.

MOVING BODY is a non-profit artistic programme organized with public funding and directed by Iskra Ivanova and Svetlozara Hristova.

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