Movement Intersection Intensive 2020
A week of deep MOVEMENT INVESTIGATION in the beautiful landscape of TUSCANY COUNTRYSIDE.
Axis Syllabus, Martial Arts, Qi Gong, Meditation, and Improvisation technique.

Where: Tuscany countryside, close to Anghiari town, Italy

When: 13 – 20 of July 2020

Deadline for applications: the 5th of July 2020

We are glad to announce the Second Edition of our MOVEMENT INTENSIVE!

A week of deep movement investigation in the beautiful landscape of TUSCANY COUNTRYSIDE, fed by excellent ITALIAN LOCAL FOOD.
Surrounded by quiet nature, FILIPPO SERRA (Italy), MARIA MORA ALCOLEA (Spain) will lead you every day in different movement practices

We will dance, move, explore, focus; touching Martial Arts, Qi Gong, Static and Dynamic Meditation, Anatomy and Biomechanics Analysis (Axis Syllabus) and Improvisation technique.

There is not one practice that is the best.
It is contextual depending on your needs and your interests within the training.

Once we know what we are doing and why we are doing it, we will be able to go deeper into our research depending on our personal taste, needs, and current life situation.
Different practices imply different approaches, different pedagogical strategies and they have a different effect on the body-mind unity.
This will be the aim of our exploration.
• ▹ Why do we practice what we practice?
• ▹ What’s the difference of an analytic approach to biomechanics in dancing compared with the traditional way of
learning in traditional martial arts?
• ▹ Are these approaches connected with the instantaneousness of the improvisation?
• ▹ Can we apply principles coming from Solo Work in a duet or trio of Improvisation?

MOVEMENT INTERSECTION is a new open platform born in 2019 with the idea of allowing professional movement teachers from different disciplines to meet, share, and exchange their perspectives of work and pedagogy.
This is a great chance for movers, researchers, dancers, actors, circus people, body therapists, trainers, and improvisers to meet and have a short/long term full immersion dedicated time of movement practice under the supervision of extremely competent and professional teachers.

We believe all the movement practices have for sure one main point of “intersection”: the human being. One of the instruments of the beautiful kinetic symphony of life.

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Costs for participants: 380 euro.
Camping, bring your own TENT. 450 euro.
BED in the house in shared rooms (around 20 spots available)
This price includes: Dinner of the 13, 3 vegetarian meals a day 14/19, breakfast and lunch of the 20th All the classes, 6/7 hours a day + evening activities.

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