The workshop explores elements of devising in movement-theatre used by Fool’s Cap Theatre. Departing from a series of concepts based on the world of corporeal mime, participants will play with elements such as rhythm, articulation and weight to build up tension between bodies in space, work on presence, complicity, suspension and on concrete ways of transmitting metaphors through the body. We will play at the intersection between mime, dance and theatre. It will also be an opportunity to study a piece from the repertoire of corporeal mime. The work is open to dancers, choreographers, actors and contemporary circus performers, who are interested in exploring movement as a bold, vibrant and multidimensional approach to devising and creating.

Where: Studio Bleu (32 rue du Capitaine Marchal 75020 Paris) Matro Gambetta, France

When: 21st and 22nd of July 2018

Deadline for applications: 17/07/2018

To register contact or visit the website

Costs for participants: 90€