Moovy is a festival between dance and digitality. Moovy shows dance film and immersive dance productions, such as choreography for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). In 10 days Moovy shows about 50 films and 15 VR / AR productions at the Filmforum Museum Ludwig and in the Alte Feuerwache in Cologne.
Moovy offers free workshops to VR and dance films. More Info:

Where: Filmforum in Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

When: 19. – 28.05.2023

In 10 days Moovy shows about 50 films and 15 VR / AR productions at the Filmforum Museum Ludwig and in the Alte Feuerwache in Cologne.Moovy offers free workshops to VR and dance films.

With Alain Platel,Eszter Salamon, Christoph Winkler, Michael Maurissens, Tobias Staab, Gustavo Gomes, Julia Riera, Samatha Shay, deufert&plischke, Dwayne Holliday, Sybille Berg, Anna-Carolin Weber & Tobias Kopka, Alfredo Zinola and more.

19.05.2023, 19:30 / Opening: Premiere: Printemps 22, Direction & Choreography: Sagí Amir Gross, Cinematographer: Michael Maurissens + We Are Going To Mars – And We’ll Unite The Galaxies, Concept: Christoph Winkler, Direction: Robert Ssempijja + FIST, Direction: Thomas Bos, Choreography: Erik Bos… and more
20.05.2023, 17:30: Dancefilms from Wuppertal, Mother Melancholia, Direction and Choreography: Samantha Shay…and more
20.05.2023, 19:30: Why we fight, a film by Alain Platel, Mirjam Devriendt
21.05.2023, 17:30: Premiere: Bardo, Direction: Tobias Staab, Choreography: Gustavo Gomes + Premiere: Giselle – Theater of Apophenia, Directed by Gustavo Gomes Choreography by Gustavo Gomes in collaboration with the dancers. + Sleepdancing I: Ar e Luar, Direction and Choreography: Max Levy.
21.05.2023, 19:30: I like Erika and Erika likes me, Concept: deufert&plischke + Reappearance, Direction and Choreography: Eszter Salamon.
26.05.2023, 19:30 LUVOS migrations, Direction: Editta Braun, Meni Weissbacher, Choreography: Editta Braun + Dive, Direction: Oscar Sansom, Choreography: Sophie Laplane + Neon Phantom, Direction: Leonardo Martinelli, Choreography: Soraya Bastos…and more
27.05.2023, 17:30: The Trouble With Form, Direction and Choreography: Dwayne Holliday …and more
28.05.2023, 17:30: Tom, Direction and Choreography: Wilkie Branson

Choreography for virtual reality and augmented reality
25. – 28. 05. 2023, 15:00 -21:00: RCE360° – VR-Movie nach dem Roman von Sibylle Berg + Digital – on touching clouds by Simon Speiser, Norbert Pape + Digital Motions by Helge Letonja with Dancers from Of Curious Nature + I Spy With My Little Eye by Anna-Carolin Weber & Tobias Kopka + Awsat by Eliane Eid + SINTIPON – V TANTSE by érôme Lozano + Superproximity by Alfredo Zinola, Hannah Stragholz, Simon Steinhorst + Virtual Surreality by bodytalk and more…

22. – 23. 05. 2023: Dance Film Workshop with Michael Maurissens (in Cologne)
24. – 25. 05. 2023: Lectures, discussion, exchange, networking…(in Cologne or in zoom)
28. 05. 2023: Mocap Express (in Cologne)

Image: Bardo, a film by Tobias Staab and Gustavo Gomes, premiere at 21.05.2023, 17:30.

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Festival pass: 45 Euro / 27 Euro ermäßigt (Students, with Köln-Pass)

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Image: Bardo: Ein Film von Tobias Staab und Gustavo Gomes.

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