Milan Herich and Sofia Brito Research & Creative Workshop

Where: Lagos, Portugal

When:22-27April 2018

Deadline for applications:20 April

Morning Sessions with Milan Herich

Down by spiral
During this workshop, I would like to share my daily research inspired by different approaches of physicality. I like the idea of a full body warm up while dancing, through repetition of different sequences that range from simple to more complex.

In this class we will walk, run, spin, slide, jump and roll through the entire space, building the skills and knowledge to play with our whole body, challenging our self by finding an individual solution through doing. Improvisation and open dancing it will be used as a tool during the class, moving in a playful environment, developing physical perception and alertness among the group. The material used during this class, it is a combination of different techniques from my own practice fuelled by a variety of dance forms.

Afternoon sessions with Sofia Brito


A dance piece is the fruit of a process. The process is the mark of each creator. Sharing choreographic research is not sharing a method. It will always be different for each individual. As dancers, we train movement techniques to have the freedom of expression. At the end of that path, we realize that freedom of expression is the opening to recognize the prison that is freedom. Each body is a set of habits, each practice gives us habits and a language.

When I developed the approach I am going to share in this workshop, I was looking for a very specific quality. A very specific state of being where I want the creation to be generated from. All movement expresses desire, I was looking for what drives movement, being in the deepest origin that generates each movement. In this workshop, I will propose and guide you to build up from places where the choice is coherent. Looking for “one single voice”  inside.

Swing your arms and you change the wind.

Until then you will practise:

Filling the gaps;

Embrace accidents;

Change perspective or let perspective change you;

How far will you travel?

When will you abandon your plan?

You will be invited to define a personal project in the beginning of the week. This way, each creator will have a goal of their own, and a direction for a small “presentation of your work progress” at the end of the week. This presentation can be created in different formats, like video, inside a studio or a specific location in the city or in a natural place of your choosing.


1 hour Yoga with Jenny or Igor: the Jewel of Yoga 7h to 8h


Breakfast between 7h to 8h30

3 hours morning  9h00 to 12h00 – technique

Lunch break

3 hours afternoon  13h00 to 16h00 – research and coaching

5 days 7 hours per day program

PRICE: Workshop, bed and breakfast 245€

To apply, email to

For further information, please visit

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