Intensive dance workshop with Metamorphosis Dance (Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich). Metamorphosis is a process of transformation and growth. It is a process of maturing, whereby dancers become artists. This method leads dancers on a path that calls for disciplined, focused and intelligent hard work. It encourages creativity through guided exploration – a nurtured and trusted environment where artistic knowledge is transferred and explored.

Where: Tanzwerk101, Zurich, Switzerland

When: 11th – 15th of October 2019, daily from 12am to 4pm

Deadline for applications: 11th of October

Metamorphosis Method is the way we train and the way we prepare the dancers both physically and mentally for dance creation.

This aids dancers to demonstrate high quality movement skills with physical strength, aesthetic quality and aligned pathways. Technical skills become a vehicle to speak with the body and a means of expression to communicate dance at the highest level.

The method commences Starting on the floor with a series of exercises aimed to awaken the potential of the holistic body.

It follows a classical barre which provides an important gateway to fully understanding the extremely physically demanding work. However, it is a far cry from its traditional and practical form. Iratxe gives imagery to ignite the senses, and a powerful sense of breath is used to ‘contaminate’ the body, the skin, and the organs with energy.

The goal is to be fully present and alert, and to keep this concentration throughout the entire process.

Immediately following the barre, dancers begin to explore different parts of the body in a guided improvisation.

It is a multi sensory experience: sight, smell, touch, and sound.

These elements are built into the process from the very beginning, yet at this point, the body is warm and fuelled, stable yet agile, and ready to leave its being and transform itself. Although the improvisation is a highly individual exploration, Iratxe often encourages interactions within the group to increase awareness of the present moment which is being created.

A creation of personal choreographic material is then found based on the skills acquired during the improvisation. The process of personal investigation is then coached individually with the aim to visualize and work with the material from another perspective and enrich it.

The use of breath is key to understanding this process. The body is woken up and made pliable through deep breath and is then used to show dynamism. Dancers learn that breath is the initial impetus to give movements their desired quality. Through breath, musicality is intelligently understood and thus shown.

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Costs for participants: 220€ / week (11€ / hour), 55€ / day (13.75€ / hour)

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