Join Contact Improvisation Malta, choreographer Vanessa Grasse, and a group of international dance artists for a week of training and exploration of improvisation, partnering skills, and ensemble practice.

Where: Valletta, Malta

When: 29 June – 6 July 2018

During this five-day workshop, we will explore some of MESH specific ensemble improvisation approaches through both outdoor and indoor practice which will end with two public sharings. The process will merge Vanessa’s choreographic, Contact Improvisation and urban walking practices. We will begin by moving between solo and group explorations, investigating how we can move with an awareness of a coexisting self and a group practice. We will focus on different species of experiential ‘edges’ and what types of perceptual, kinetic and sensorial investigations might allow us to experience permeability, entanglement, interconnectivity, and interdependence amongst each other, strangers, and the environment. We’ll explore and question how far we can extend our sense of ‘here’ and how our moving can be generous and outward looking. We’ll dynamically self-organize to channel, current, weave, and entangle our paths through different spaces as we challenge ourselves to nurture and sustain curiosity in group, collectivity, and interconnection.

Elements of Contact Improvisation will be explored to support different group contact dynamics and formations. We will then focus on practising specific MESH performative scores in preparation of two outdoor final informal public sharings (3 & 6 July) which will be presented in Castille Square and surrounding area.

Sharings will happen around the events of the Dance Studies Association annual conference taking place on 5-8 July 2018.
Read more about MESH research and performances here

MESH is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.

To register please contact Richard Sarco-Thomas at .

Workshop fee: €140; some scholarships are available.

For further information, please visit

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