Meg Stuart & Alma Söderberg – “Sound & Movement” – Tanzwerkstatt Europa 2024. This unique combination of two intensives is dedicated to the relationship between body, voice, sound and movement. Over the course of five workshop days, participants work with two internationally renowed artists who, in their own distinct ways, explore questions of the intensity and presence of performative bodies, incorporating the (own) voice or rhythm, sound and composition.

Where: Tanztendenz München e.V. Lindwurmstraße 88 (5. OG) 80337 München, Germany

When: August 5 – 9 12.15 – 17.00 H

Early bird: If you book a workshop until or on June 14th, 2024 you don‘t have to pay the registration fee.

Meg Stuart (August 5 – 6): “Knowing and not Knowing”

We will engage with a series of guided visualizations and extended sensorial meditations, paying special attention to subtlety and nuance. Studying movement patterns, temporal and spatial choices, we question what moves us on a physical and conceptual level. What do we gravitate towards? What do we need to let go of? What do we want to invite? We will investigate the borders between knowing and not knowing, abstraction and intention, images and action. Meeting each other through states of touch, shared fictions and energetic exchanges, the aim is to playfully embrace risk, and to discover the bliss of vulnerability. With live music by Doug Weiss, this workshop also allows us to explore how to move to songs and how to think about music in the framework of creation and live performance. In this sense it draws a line to the concert performance ‘All the Way Around’ by Meg Stuart and Doug Weiss with Mariana Carvalho, also presented at the TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA Tanzwerkstatt 2024.

Alma Söderberg (August 7 – 9): “Polyrhythm and Synthesis”

In this workshop, a strong focus is on rhythmical work and how to connect sound and movement in a one-on-one manner in order to create an instrument with your own body. We will work especially with grounding and groove and thus find ways to a physicality that is both laid back and rhythmically tight. We will achieve this with the help of music and various somatic tools. 

Furthermore, we will focus on polyrhythms, syncopation and synthesis. You will learn how to jam with polyrhythmic patterns created by the body and voice. We work with rhythmical syncopation to understand our dance as something rhythmic, as an ever-varying division of time shaped by rhythm. Finally, synthesis is about working on details; making slight changes in tonus, tone, speed, intensity and so on. In this way, we make changes really matter and expand both our own ability and that of the audience to perceive more and thus come closer to the dance.

How to apply / register:
All workshops can be booked directly via our online form.
Participation is only possible if you have registered online in advance. If you have already created a profile last year, you can simply log in again with your access data.

Costs for participants:
240 EUR/Professionals, 280 EUR/Professionals- Professionals – One-off registration fee: 50 EUR (from the 14th June)

Contact details:
Barbara Galli-Jescheck
+49 89 244 1764 92
Telephone availability: Mon – Fri 9 – 18 H

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