Workshop and performance with Hervé Koubi.
Open to professional/ advanced dancers and less advanced dancers with 2 different level.

Where: Naples, Italy

When: 20-23 July 2022

Deadline for applications: 15 July 2022

For this workshop, we will workshop, on the theme of Vanities, of passing time.
We are nothing in the universe, and life – not just humanity – will be no more than a match that has been lit and extinguished in the heavens.
What relationships do we have with passing time ? The universe, the cycle of the seasons, how do we situate ourselves in this great vertiginous space?
Our fate for all of us will be the same, I, faced with it, I dance.
During this workshop we will search what is most essential, most vital in dance so that it can bring us together, beyond techniques and aesthetics.
Let the body talk, first by putting the body in condition and availability by working on breathing, weight, peripheries, by experimenting with what connects us to the ground, what elevates us, work on a « state of body ».
Then engage the body in a time of composition and choreographic writing destinated to be to shared.
Finally, experimenting, during an open laboratory in the public space, the resources to give life to time through an experience where the bodies, covered with clay, will place the dancers in a time suspended between a state of statue and that of being alive.

To apply, email us your CV at this email with the subject: here Koubi workshop

Costs for participants: 160€

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