MATCH International Contemporary Dance Workshop with Jasper Narvaez (PH/UK)
“Akram Khan Company, AURA Dance Theatre, Jukstapoz Company”

Where: Tuscania (province of Viterbo) – Italy

When: 22-23 April 2023

Born from the Loris Petrillo’s will to create in Italy a reference point for international contemporary dance, at its 15th edition, MATCH is a workshop that brings together dancers from all over the world (in the past editions they have come from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, USA, Chile, Spain, Martinica, Sweden, Madagascar, Lithuania, Colombia, Korea) and hosts international artists of the contemporary scene.

How to apply:
The workshop is held from 22 to 23 April 2023, for 4 hours and half a day.

It is for a limited number of participants and access is by selection cv and video.
The dancers who joined previous workshops of Loris Petrillo Program don’t have to send cv and video.
To send your request of participation, fill the online form on

Costs for participants: For more info write to

Contact details:
+39 348 864 9889
instagram. @lorispetrilloprogram

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