Maslool School of Contemporary Dance, a unique international program, provides outstanding young dancers from Israel and abroad with the tools and the technical knowledge, develops and perfects the individual creative voice and at the same time provides graduates with the know how and opportunities to slide into the field of dance and art in Israel and around the world, and thus to lead change, to enrich and to make an impact on the Art scene.

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

When: 29.3.2024

Deadline for applications: 15.3.2024

The dynamic and ever changing world of dance is constantly in motion and in search of talented, curious and creative dancers, unique voices of budding artists, who seek to develop their skills and realize their talents. Our teaching staff, who has been carefully selected and includes experienced and renowned teachers and choreographers, accordingly mentor the dancers in the Maslool throughout their school years with an emphasis on sensitive dialogue and a close and productive interpersonal relationship.

How to apply:
1. Filling out an online registration form
2. Upload a face photo
3. Arranging payment for audition participation

Costs for participants: 100 nis

Contact details:
For additional questions, you can contact us at the email address:

For further information, please visit