Mind and Dance (M.A.D.) is a professional school for dancers and dance teachers. We look at every dancer as an indipendent artist and guide him/her in his/her personal development to the best of his/her potential. It is possible to set the focus either on classical/neoclassical or on contemporary dance.

Where: Ballettförderzentrum Nürnberg e.V., Germany

When: Submit application now until end of June 2021

Deadline for applications: 30.06.2021

Audition for 3-years professional education as dancer and dance teacher.
At “Mind and Dance” it is our big concern to support students on their way to the professional field of dance in the best way, this includes developing technically to the best of their potential and guiding them in their mental and emotional development to become independent-minded and acting humans and artists.

How to apply: For the school year starting September 2021 we offer the possibility to audition per video. All details are to be found on our website. We test qualification in classical ballet, contemporary dance and improvisation followed by one-on-one interviews with all candidates. Entry to the programm can be granted, by sufficient talent also to students without previous experience in one of the above mentioned dance techniques.

All information for the Video Application are to be found on http://mindanddance.com/berufsausbildung/international-students/.
There you will find an application form as well as details about the video we need to be submitted.
For more Information and/or questions contact us by E-mail.

The Audition is free of charge!

Contact details: E-Mail: mindanddance@gmail.com
Telephone: +49 (0)911-992399

For further information, please visit http://mindanddance.com/berufsausbildung/international-students/

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