Rethink your practice as a performer and develop new skills across art forms.
This Masters course focuses on facilitating a wider preparation for dancers from all disciplines looking to perform in works requiring an interdisciplinary approach, combining dance, theatre, performance art and film.

Through a range of laboratories and performance opportunities, you’ll collaborate with professional interdisciplinary artists to stage work across a breadth of sites, including non-conventional spaces and proscenium-arch theatre.

Where: Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds, UK

When: Starting September 2023

Deadline for applications: 8 January 2023

This unique course enables you to:

– Develop and expand your artistic practice beyond dance performance
– Learn to work effectively in highly collaborative processes and actively contribute to the authorship of artistic work.
– Gain an in-depth understanding of performance processes, looking at different devising methodologies, ensemble creation and interdisciplinary collaboration.
– Join a network of dance makers, performers and professionals
In the final module of this years course you will work extensively with an interdisciplinary artist/company. This year that company is Gecko.

This course is suitable for emerging and more established dance artists.

To apply, complete an online application, book your audition or submit a video application. Apply by 8 January at Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an Interview.

Costs for participants: The application fee is a one-off payment of £20

Contact details:
For any queries, please contact NSCD Admissions Team:
T: 0113 219 3050

For further information, please visit