For their new dance collaboration ‘London Tango,’ acclaimed classical, jazz and Latin American music ensemble, The Romano Viazzani Ensemble, is looking for 3 professional dancers.

Where: London, UK

When: Audition – Tue 17 Oct, 6pm – 9pm

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 11th October, 5pm

What happens when a partnership becomes a love triangle, then a complex web of friendship and more – and the action all plays out on the dance floor?
London Tango is an intoxicating new tango composed by internationally renowned musician Romano Viazzani, under the artistic guidance of Kate Flatt MBE (Les Misérables, Opera North). Rehearsal will begin in Winter 2023 with first phase R&D for a film and a live performance sharing. Choreographed by Amir Giles (Mr Selfridge) and directed by Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas, Internal Affairs), the project will also feature powerhouse performances from Mina Ojeda, Giraldo Diomar of the Corrientes Social Club and Dance School alongside Lesta Woo and Touchdown Dance.
This research and development phase of the project will lead on to the creation of a live performance with live orchestra and London Tango film for international touring, subject to future funding.

General information:
• Rehearsal period: w/c 4 and w/c 11 December 2023 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm – TBC)
• Scheduled performances: Saturday 16 December 2023 studio sharing (invite only)
• Rehearsals will take place at Dance Attic Studios, Fulham.
• Fee: £1250 = £550 x 2 rehearsal weeks and £150 studio sharing.
• Applicants must be London based as there are no payments for travel, accommodation or per diems. We welcome application from those further afield if they are willing to cover their own expenses.

Dancers applying would ideally:
• Have a high level of improvisational skills in Argentine tango and extensive performance experience.
• Have experience with contact improvisation, contemporary dance and devised theatre.
• Have a playing age between 30 to 45.
– Enjoy a creative approach to tango, using different styles of both nuevo
salon and milonguero.
– Be happy to stretch the limits of tango performance with the purpose of interpreting a
narrative – to tell a story.
– Be able to respond to improvisational tasks in the devising process, as well as learn and
perform set pieces of choreography.
– Be able to comfortably work as part of an ensemble.
– Have excellent musicality, in terms of musical responses to the unique music of the piece.

• Audition is by invitation only.
• You will receive an email about a potential invitation by Friday 13th October at the latest.
• Please only apply if you are available during the dates mentioned above.
• We welcome applications from existing dance couples, as well as individuals
• If you have any access requirements, please feel free to get in touch via email to discuss.

How to apply:
Please send the following information via email to Amir Giles –
• Headshot
• Current CV with details of experience and your height
• Showreel/recent relevant footage

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